Trade-offs and Non-negotiables

Monday, I decided to join the Total Body Conditioning (TBC) class instead of doing a weight circuit. Even today, I am still REALLY sore! It was a great workout and may become part of my weekly routine. As the day progressed yesterday, and as I spent my day in an uncomfortable chair in a conference room for hours on end, I became progressively more stiff.
In that conference room, there were also Munchkins. I had 3 throughout the day and then insisted the box be placed at the other end of the table. This required a TRADE-OFF. I decided the chocolate coconut oat bar I had planned in my day will have to be reduced by half, so I could remain in my calorie budget (this will bring me to 1705–I’m not gonna spaz about 5 extra calories since I’ll have SEVEN servings of produce, healthy grains and lean protein today). I decided that if I was a slacker at the gym, the treat would be taken out altogether. We all know I won’t let THAT happen!
The gym is NON-NEGOTIABLE. It had to happen, especially since I’m working all weekend and won’t have time for the gym. I left work exactly on time and stretched at home for a bit before leaving for the gym. I made it through a full weight routine, mimicing some of the exercises we did at TBC, and 45 minutes of cardio (intervals on the elliptical. And, even though I’m still sore, I may actually substitute spin for kickboxing. You know… Just to kick it up a notch.
Being able to have a conversation about this–whether it’s an internal dialog or blog post–is my way of pulling what I learned in my counseling grad classes way back when and practicing a rudumentary form of behavioral-cognitive therapy. By no means am I using this to treat a significant psych issue that would warrant at least a consultation with a professional, nor should you.
I’m simply trying to be more intentional with my thoughts and actions to prevent what I call “The Big Maintenance of 2008 and 2009”, where I would allow myself little indulgences (skipping or going light at the gym, eating dessert or something that wouldn’t normally fit into a healthy, calorie-conscious diet) without thinking about it or considering the consequences.
For me, 2010 is the year of making informed decisions. And “trade-off” and “non-negotiable” are two words that I’m getting rather familiar with this time around.

One response to “Trade-offs and Non-negotiables

  1. weightwatchersforone

    Great post! 3 munchkins won’t kill you but skipping the gym makes it so much easier to skip it the next day and the next!

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