Making my plan for the week

My weekend workouts were pretty lame–a 30 minute walk today and bowling with the family last night–but weekends are typically a little more spontaneous and less rigid than my typical week.

That said, I promptly planned out my week once I got back from visiting family in Connecticut. As soon as I got in the door, I dropped off my stuff, had a quick pb/Fiber One English muffin snack while planning my meals for the week, squeaked in a walk at the gym, ran errands and went to the supermarket. By 6:30 I was home making dinner. Pretty impressive–typically I don’t even bother to unpack after the long car trip. I plop on the couch with tea and a book or good movie. I still have some things I need to get done before I finally do plop down on the couch, but I see a mug of tea with my name on it by 9pm.

The road trip gave me some thinking time to contemplate how I want to tweak my blog in the upcoming weeks. I definitely need to update the fitness and nutrition links and I want to post a “before” and “now” picture.

Anyhew… here’s this week’s plan. I’ll post my progress when I update my weight on Friday.


  • Egg Beaters, LF cheese on a Fiber One English Muffin OR
  • oatmeal with egg white or protein powder, vanilla and cinnamon.


  • Monday: I’m dining “al desk-o” with a Lean Cuisine and frozen veggies–I have tons of work that needs to get done by 1pm. If I DO get it done, I’m spending my lunch break at the gym since I have to work late Monday night.
  • The rest of the week: lunches at the dining hall. Typically grilled chicken, steamed veggies and some kind of carb.
  • As always, 50 calories of good-quality chocolate after each lunch.


  • Green Monster smoothies (fat free Greek yogurt, frozen banana, baby spinach, protein powder)
  • onion dip made from fat free Greek yogurt with raw veggies (carrots, celery, red peppers)
  • apple and peanut butter


  • Monday: Chinese take-out (steamed protein and veggies on rice with sauce on the side, possibly a small wonton soup)
  • Tuesday: pork, mushroom and red pepper stir-fry with quinoa or brown rice
  • Wednesday: Grandma’s spaghetti leftovers!  1/2 sausage link, 2oz meatball on whole wheat pasta, served with steamed green beans
  • Thursday & Friday: pork stir fry leftovers


  • Monday: if I get time 20 minutes “wogging” and 20 minutes weights during my lunch break, otherwise, it’s a rest day (working late, plans with Evan at night)
  • Tuesday: spin
  • Wednesday: kickboxing
  • Thursday: 30-45 minutes cardio and 20-30 minutes weights
  • Friday: 45 minutes cardio
  • Weekend: off (I’m working 8a-5p both days this weekend)


  • 8 hours of sleep
  • 1500-1700 calories
  • 5+ servings of produce
  • 6+ glasses of ice water and 2+ glasses of green tea
  • log meals & snacks
  • Wednesday: unplugged day. No computer, TV after 7. Relax & read.

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