Follow-up on 2010 goals

One of my 2010 resolutions was vague and needing quite a bit of direction:

Find another fitness challenge to give me a NSV to work towards in 2010. I haven’t settled on what this one is yet. Run a 5k? Be strong enough to try out for a roller derby team? Participate in a mini triathalon?

Geez… sometimes I wanna kick myself after making commitments on this blog. Although currently I’m having heart palpitations over it, I’ve decided to commit to a mini-triathalon this summer. Why am I scared?

  1. Total fear of swimming in natural bodies of water. There are fish and turtles and snakes and stuff in there! You can’t typically see the bottom of a lake. People will see me and maybe even accidentally photograph me in a swimsuit.
  2. The 3.1 mile run. Currently, I can run for 90 seconds straight. 120 if I want to push it. A 3.1 mile run will probably require me to run for 35-40 minutes straight (or at least 2100 seconds). I know I don’t have to run the entire 3.1 miles in a mini-tri, but I certainly want to run most of it.
  3. Competition. I’m very competitive but get demotivated if I’m clearly in a losing battle. I need to redefine the competitive aspect of this for me. I’m competing against my own personal records, challenges and fears. I am NOT competing against more skilled athletes.

So… now I get to start researching mini-tris in the area, develop a training plan and maybe even find a training partner. Britttttt? Forthright Fattie? Any takers?  Val? You wanna teach me your swim moves? Fortunately, I don’t need to learn how to do a flip turn!


5 responses to “Follow-up on 2010 goals

  1. Don’t any of these mini’s have the swimming portion in a pool?? The running part would kill me but I wish you success in reaching your goal!

  2. i would be MORE than happy to train with you.

  3. Exciting stuff! When it comes to challenges, you’ll never regret at least trying something ambitious. It’s like the feeling you get after working out when you didn’t feel like. I have never regretted a single workout. And I doubt you’ll regret working toward your goal! 🙂

  4. That’s awesome! I love the idea of a tri but am not a terribly good swimmer and am kind of repulsed by open water! How awesome you’re doing it!

  5. @Emily: you’re repulsed by open water but you play rugby which requires nasty bruises and mud-caked hair?

    I now feel like my fear is justified if woman braver than me have the same anti-natural bodies of water ick-response. 🙂

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