Over the hump but it doesn’t really feel like it

Wednesday has come and gone, but I am super exhausted–so much so that I skipped my meeting that I was going to drop in on last night. Tonight I HAVE to get 8+hours or I’ll really be a zombie by the time Monday rolls around.

Possible reasons:

  • mental exhaustion from a busy week full of meetings and more work than I have time for
  • mental exhaustion from knowing that I’m working 8a-4:30p on Saturday and Sunday which means no day off for 2 weeks
  • physical fatigue from only getting 7-7.5 hours of sleep each night instead of my goal of 8.

The stinky part of all of this? Tomorrow morning is WI day. I’m back at my January 1, 2010 starting point.

Again, possible reasons:

  • not drinking enough water: I’ve only managed 4 cups of water and 2 cups of green tea the past few days.
  • not sleeping enough: see earlier note about an average of 7-7.5 hrs nightly
  • too much stress: see work schedule
  • consuming alcohol this weekend: Your body processes alcohol before fat, protein and carbs, which means that consuming alcohol slows your fat-burning process. It also can reduce testosterone levels, which has an impact on what you can accomplish during your workouts.
  • Forgot to take my metformin a few times.
  • Not enough calorie burn: my Friday workout was intense but short, I skipped Saturday, Sunday was light, I skipped Monday and Tuesday was 45 minutes of cardio, but a light workout. Strength training took a back seat and didn’t show up in my schedule until last night.
  • too much sodium: Not likely, according to TheDailyPlate, I’ve gone a tad over the past two days, but all other days I’ve been under
  • too many calories: Not possible. I’ve logged every bite except for Sunday (but I know I was under) and with the exception of Saturday when I consumed 2500 calories, I’ve been under 1700 EVERY day in the past week. Also, with the exception of Saturday which was carb-heavy, my days have been very well balanced with 50% calories from carbs, 25% from protein and 25% from fat.

So, as usual, I gotta get my game plan. But, it’s pretty simple:

  • Get my ass into bed earlier. I’m sleeping 10p-6a tonight. Tomorrow and Saturday are sketchy, but I should be able to get 7-8 hours. Sunday I may be able to get 9.
  • Water. I can typically get through a quart during a good workout, so I need to make sure I’m having good workouts and sipping on a quart the rest of the day.
  • Stress-relief. Hanging out with Evan helps. So does sleep. So do little treats–like maybe I’ll give myself a facial and bubble bath Friday night or Sunday. I’m also tempted to practice a little retail therapy by purchasing a new scale. And I just realized it’s snowing out–I’m going to appreciate how beautiful it is.
  • No more alcohol until I can celebrate a 10lb loss.
  • There’s no excuse for forgetting metformin since I have to take it with breakfast and dinner. Duh.
  • Get back on track with workouts. Tonight is planned. Tomorrow may be spin class or another wog. I won’t be able to workout this weekend and will likely not have the energy, but Sunday evening I’ll prepare my workout plan for the first week in February.
  • Stick with it. A weight loss buddy once said “We don’t always get what we deserve on the scale the week we think we deserve it, but it always shows up in the end.”
  • Also, February is in a few days which means time to schedule my blood work and physical. That will likely result in a referral to the dietician and possibly an endochrinologist, especially if my C-reactive protein levels aren’t back on track or at least continuing to fall.

Enjoy your Thursday, folks!


3 responses to “Over the hump but it doesn’t really feel like it

  1. Wow. You’re so busy and life is crazy, so I do think you should give yourself a bit of a break. Try focusing on one of those things each day – water one day, sleep another, etc, until none of them seem like that big a deal. Breaking that list down into smaller bits might be less stressful.

    Your buddy is right – all of your efforts will eventually show up on the scale.

  2. Yeah, you’re right. Sleep probably has to be prioritized since when that lacks, it’s significantly harder to maintain the other habits and make smart choices!

  3. Yikes I couldn’t imagine having a schedule like that. I need my weekends in order to catch up on sleep and prepare for the week ahead. Keep on trucking girl and you’ll get there!!

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