Some people engage in this weight loss journey so they can be more fashionable or meet mainstream standards of beauty. I do it to be strong and powerful. I want to be an athlete.

I’m not there yet, and it’s more than just where I am physically. Being an athlete is a mental game as well. But practice makes perfect and last night I practiced my mental game. I wogged but I wanted to increase the length of the jogging intervals. In the past, I haven’t been able to sustain more than 60 second intervals for a 30 minute workout. Then someone (Brit? Wasn’t it you?) suggested that I jog at 4.5 mph instead of 5 or 5.5mph. By golly, it helped! I warmed up for 5 minutes at 3mph, gradually increasing my speed to 3.5mph. Then I started my intervals: 90 seconds at 4.5mph, 90 seconds at 3.3mph for 20 minutes, followed by a 5 minute 3.5mph walk and a 5 minute 3mph cool down since my heart rate was still in the 130s. (The minute by minute training plan is below in case someone wants to use it.)

My mental game started on a bad note. My HRM didn’t work–I presume because it needs new batteries. I suppose it’s about time after using it for nearly 2 years! My iPod was also out of juice. So I plugged my headphones into the little “radio” on the treadmill and flipped between the 4 XM stations, largely leaving it on the dance station since the beats were fast enough to keep me going through the jogging portions. I must admit–I felt like a 20 year old on E at a dance club half the time while I was listening to the music.

To be an athlete, you need to have focus, persistence, commitment and the ability to push yourself. I’m still not great on the “pushing myself” as much as I probably could, but last night, the other pieces fell into place. I focused on running and music–not the time–yet I seemed to instinctually know when the 90 seconds were up. I focused on my stride. In the end, I jogged for 10.5 minutes or 8/10 of a mile out of the 2+ mile workout.

I almost ran a mile!

It was awesome and came close to mirroring how I felt after one of my first spin classes.

I WILL do this tri sprint and do it well!

Speaking of the tri, I’ve talked with a colleague who is very fit and has participated in sprint tris and Olympic tris before. She gave some great tips on training and warned me that you have to mix your biking and jogging training together so you start getting used to how tired your legs will be after transitioning from one activity to the other. She said she could barely run after the biking portion of the sprint tri–she ran the first mile and walked the rest. I’ve also learned that you should reserve your leg power during the swim portion to preserve leg muscle strength for the rest of the race. Guess I better work on my stroke!

There are many different types of triathalons, but here are the two I referenced above:

  • Sprint Tri: 400-750 meter swim (750 meters is about a half mile), 12.4 mile/20k bike, 3.1 mile/5k run
  • Olympic Tri: 1.5k swim (just under mile), 24.8 mile/40k bike, 6.2 mile/10k run

And the Ironman Tri, for all you Biggest Loser fans who watched Matt Hoover compete in one, is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a marathon-length (26.2 mile) run.

Tina’s Wog:
0-5:00 minutes: warm up walk at 3mph, gradually increasing to 3.5mph
5:00-6:30 min: jog @ 4.5mph
6:30-8:00 min: walk @ 3.3mph
8:00-9:30 min: jog @ 4.5mph
9:30-11:00 min: walk @ 3mph
11:00-12:30 min: jog @ 4.5mph
12:30-14:00 min: walk @ 3mph
14:00-15:30 min: jog @ 4.5mph
15:30-17:00 min: walk @ 3mph
17:00-18:30 min: jog @ 4.5mph
18:30-20:00 min: walk @ 3mph
20:00-21:30 min: jog @ 4.5mph
21:30-23:30 min: walk @ 3mph (I felt like I needed extra down time here)
23:30-25:00 min: jog @ 4.5mph
24:30-30:00 min: walk @ 3.5mph
30:00-35:00 min: walk @ 3mph


5 responses to “Determination

  1. senoritagordita

    for sure it helps running at 4.5! i thought of you because i printed out my smartcoach training schedule for the half marathon and it only has me running at about 4.2mph. i was shocked. but thankful, because i think when we push our speeds too hard or we run just a little too far, we tend to get down when we can’t do it. and i’m not saying that we shouldn’t push ourselves hard, but it pays to go back and make sure the foundations are solid. i have complete confidence that you’ll be an athlete. we already are now. we training harder than most people just to maintain. we are strong and we haven’t given up yet.

    ps. got zumba dvds holy ass muscles it’s hard

  2. I love wogging! I started off doing two minutes at 3.5, then one minute at 5.5. Now I can do two minutes at 4 followed by two minutes at 6. I repeat that seven times and I’m done. It feels awesome!

  3. In swimming distances you don’t kick… you pull and your legs move natrually.. it’s like physics.. it’s easier to pull something (using your arms) then push something (using your legs)…

  4. I love the term “wog” and I may have to use it myself. It was a great idea to slow down the jog so that you could do it for a longer time.

    I have a “before 40 yrs old” goal of doing a sprint tri, so I’m really interested in hearing more about this. (I only have a year and half left). 🙂

  5. you should do the DC tri, on june 20th. one of my best friends is doing it/asked me to train as well!

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