January in Review

Days Exercised: 22 out of 31 days or 71%

Food Logged: 27 out of 31 days or 87%

Pounds down: just under 2.5lbs

Start preparing for a sprint tri: picked up a modified version of C25k again, researched training plans, priced bike racks and helmets, researched which races I’m interested in.

Reconfigure my budget & make a better savings plan for 2010: decreased spending significantly this month, reduced wasted grocery expenditures, purchased fewer magazines. Still need to reconfigure budget.

Number of pages I’ve written this month: 0 out of 10

Books read: TWO! I’ve finished The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold & Wally Lamb’s Wishin’ & Hopin’. I started reading Pride & Prejudice.


3 responses to “January in Review

  1. You accomplished quite a bit in January – good stuff! I’m very inspired by your sprint tri goal – looking forward to reading more about that.

  2. When you look back at the whole month like this it looks like you’ve done a great job! That’s really cool and something you can remember when you have days you don’t log food or workout or whatever. Way to go!

  3. Awesome job, Tina! Very impressive stats. I’m now inspired to track my own progress this carefully.

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