Stalled out

I think my body currently resembles one of those poor little putt putt cars stuck on the side of the road. I haven’t updated my weight loss tracker in 2 or 3 weeks. No, I’m not avoiding anything. I’m stuck. At the same weight I’ve been at since January 22.

I’ve had calorie deficits all but 2 days in January. The first week in February alone, my calorie deficit amounted to a little more than 8000 calories, which should have meant a 2.35lb weight loss.


January was a stressful month, I didn’t drink much water this weekend and while my workouts met my calorie burn goals, last week they weren’t as intense as usual. Truthfully, they were a little lackluster.

It’s time to shake things up a bit. It’s clear that while TBC feels like it’s killing me, it’s only burning 400 calories in the hour long class. So, I’m following it with spin tonight. Wednesday, I’m doing spin and pilates.

I’m planning:

The left is my datebook with workouts for the week scheduled and highlighted in orange. The right is my meal planner, which includes a list of food I need to prep ahead (like a tossed salad and crudite for snacks for the week).

I’m also tracking. Religiously. See?

Yellow highlighter is calorie deficit. Pink highlighter is what my Bodybugg reported as a total calorie burn for the day. Orange is my workout. The rest is simple nutrients: calories, fiber, sodium and the percentage of calories from carbs, fat and protein. On Fridays, I log my weight and highlight in green.

I will share this with my doc at my next physical, especially since we”ll review my blood tests and figure out what the heck was (or is) going on with my C-reactive protein levels. Perhaps they’re connected. I’ve been doing more reading about metabolic syndrome, inflammation, leptin, cortisol, adrenal issues and how the metabolism works. I think I’m ready to see an endochrinologist, understand what’s going on with my body and figure out how to maximize my efforts. Because, boy-oh-boy, the math just ain’t working out right now. That calories in versus calories out formula is logic defied by my body.

I may be looking for help right now, but I am going in as an informed patient. One who knows what questions to ask. One who has tried a bunch of different good health guidelines in an effort to figure it out herself and be smart. I am a smart girl and know when my knowledge just simply isn’t enough.

PS-Even though I didn’t work out on Saturday, I burned more than 3000 calories just cleaning around the house, baking and walking about a mile in the snow to deliver fresh-baked bread to a friend.

3 responses to “Stalled out

  1. I love how detailed your tracking is, and I think the time you put into it will really pay off. If nothing else, you’ll be ultra informed about your food/exercise and may be able to see trends. Very impressed!

  2. come set up my life for me!! i realllly need a journal

  3. @senioritagordita: Let’s schedule a walking date for next week, and I’ll give you your very own diet & fitness log to use.

    @Bella: Thanks! 🙂

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