Quick updates

First, a blog upgrade is in progress. Soon, I hope to have pictures up (including the dreaded before and after current), and I’m gradually updating my nutrition & workout pages of this blog. Hopefully, it will be completely updated after this weekend.

Second, I just purchased the Bodybugg digital display so I can see my progress without uploading the armband unit. It was marked down to $50 (previously, it cost $75-99). Good sales come to those who wait! I want to set a 3000 calorie a day burn goal. Typically, I’m pretty close to this (within 200 calories or a 30 minute walk) but don’t realize it until the end of the day when I’m home, in my jammies, showered and ready for bed.

Third, a colleague and I are considering becoming certified spin instructors. I’ve started looking up certification programs in the area. Surprisingly, it costs only about $300 and entails an 8-12 hour course, but I don’t know which programs are most reputable. Any advice?

Finally, last night b 9:30pm I was in bed with every appendage feeling like Jell-o and completely relaxed. Sixty minutes of TBC followed by a 45 minute spin class “Lance Armstrong”-style was some magic workout and sleep inducer.


One response to “Quick updates

  1. Sounds like you’re rocking it! Go, Tina!

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