Snow Day!

I wish my ability to accurately predict snow days could translate to scale success somehow. *sigh*

Let’s talk about how I LOVE that my gym e-mailed members yesterday to warn that they may not be open today due to SNOWtorious BIG (as coined by Bust magazine). The gym essentially said “Hey fools! Don’t think that you’ll be able to attend spin class in the middle of this blizzard. Dig your SUV out instead.”

Sadly, it messes with my plan (the plan! the plan!) to do spin class and TBC again. However, I will likely have more fun hiking through the snow later and will possibly burn almost as many calories.

Today, I’m going to be a health-minded Martha Stewart and make this butternut squash and fennel soup recipe with a fennel crusted pork loin so I can appropriately balance my carbs and protein. Gourmet? eh? I’m only using half of the olive oil, substituting Smart Balance’s 50/50 stick “butter” for the real stuff and skipping the garnish to cut back on calories and keep the fat at a more healthy level. End result: dinner will be under 450 calories with 38g of carbs, 8g of fiber and 25g of protein.

Also, to save cooking time later this week, I’m tossing together a ginger-chicken-broccoli-carrot stir fry with brown rice. Yay for in-season veggies!

So… anyone in the greater Philly/Central Jerz area looking for a personal chef? We can negotiate salary.


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