My new body icon

Yesterday, Evan and I took advantage of being snowed in by watching some more episodes of Season 1 of Mad Men. I love the show for it’s historical perspective, the sociological aspects (gender roles, work hierarchies, cutural role of cigarettes and alcohol), the fashion and this lady.

Christina Hendricks, the real life woman behind the sultry secretary, recently received criticism for wearing a dress that was supposedly too big for a “big girl.”

Ummm… While she’s not the typical modern Hollywood size 0, she’s certainly not a “big girl.” She’s got boobs and an ass–a classic hourglass figure. I don’t know what size she is (internet gossip ranges from a size 4 to a 12)–she probably needs some mega-tailoring to get clothes that properly fit her–but I do know that she’s a great curvy role model in a world over-populated with stick thin icons.

Who is your body icon?


One response to “My new body icon

  1. I appreciate anyone on tv that is not stick thin – ricki lake, rachael ray are some current ones – i used to think marilyn monroe, but i think she was actually pretty thin

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