Thank you for being a friend…

This weekend, I went to a wedding and had “a moment” when the Golden Girls theme song started playing. It was a fabulous wedding and we had fantastic tablemates. The time passed a little too quickly. Sadly, my camera  (a Kodak digital, 8.2 megapixel) has gone on strike when it comes to taking photos indoors, so there are no pics to post. The dinner was delish and definitely a diet-buster: a cocktail hour with cheese and crackers, crab cakes, tuna with mango salsa (my fave), chicken thai skewers and lamb, a tortellini appetizer, salad, dinner rolls, filet mignon with green beans and roasted potatoes, wedding cake and an assortment of desserts. To the grooms: the spice cake was especially amazing!

Ahhhh! It was a busy weekend, indeed, with the wedding, tickets to see Michael Ian Black & Michael Showalter and, of course, Valentine’s Day. With all the excitement and activities Friday & Saturday, Evan and I decided to spend Sunday on the sofa watching a little bit of the Olympics and a lot of bit of Mad Men, season one. Y’all have GOT to start watching that show. The fashion, the history, the culture, the drama… It’s amazing and so well done.

This past week I’ve had a mini spending spree as a reward for hard work at the gym, commitment to my diet, avoiding all the baked goods I made during last week’s blizzards (yes, plural) and because I was under my monthly budget last month thanks to smarter shopping and avoiding impulse buys. It also helps that I’ve effectively cut back on newstand magazine shopping. So far, I’ve avoided purchasing new issues of Real Simple, Everyday with Rachel Ray and the Food Network magazine, even though their beautiful covers are begging to have a presence in my living room.

My “splurges” this past week:

New black leather high-heeled dress boots. $90 marked down to $17.99 at JCPenney’s. I neeeded these to replace the ones I bought two years ago, which are NOT leather and which quickly developed a crack in the sole and scuffed toes.

Beck Diet for Life. Hardcover book marked down to $5.99 at Barnes & Noble. Originally, I was upset I couldn’t get this in eBook form, but at that price, who can really complain? I bought this so I can work on some particularly challenging emotional connections to food and so I can participate in the blogger book club with Bella, Scale Warfare and Seattle Runner Girl.  I’ll be posting on some of the activities and my progress as I read the book.

Bodybugg digital display. It is challenging but do-able for me to burn more than 3,000 calories daily. So many times, I find that I burn 2700-2900 and end up just short of that goal because I typically don’t have time to go to my computer and upload the armband until after 8pm when I’m done my workouts for the day. I think getting the display will help me more consistently meet that goal and be on top of my step target as well. The digital display was marked down to $50. Regular price is $99, and I’ve never seen it on sale for less than $70.

Tonight is a big night: great seats to see Tegan & Sara at the Tower Theater!!!

Because of the challenges with that (dinner out, late night, early morning so I can leave for work from Evan’s house), it’s extra important I’m mindful of my health/wellness goals today:

  • lots of water (8 glasses)
  • stay within my calorie range (1500-1700 calories–really, I want to be under 1,000 calories excluding dinner. That will allow for me to eat out without too many worries tonight)

Tomorrow’s Goals:

  • to bed early to make up for tonight’s lack of sleep
  • make smart, healthy decisions for tomorrow’s food challenges (breakfast out at Starbucks due to being at Evan’s and having an early commute to work, lunch out with a colleague)
  • again 8 glasses of water
  • attend spin class & weights or pilates

3 responses to “Thank you for being a friend…

  1. Great purchases! I hope you enjoy the beginning of the Beck book, and can’t wait for you to participate in the book club. I so need some new knee-high black boots, but the problem is my calves are so wide. Ugh. You’re going to enjoy the immediate results of the BB digital display. I am SO glad I bought it. I love Tegan and Sara – have a great time at the concert.

  2. Those are some awesome rewards! I’ve been thinking about saving up for a BB.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, and the sports bra suggestion!

  3. I think that’s been my saving grace is not buying magazines! I literally would buy several each time I went to the store. Rachel Ray, Cooking Light, Gourmet and they are not cheap! My library has a ton of magazines, and I can copy pages of recipes out of that, otherwise I tell myself, any recipe in a magazine, I can find it on line!

    Glad you had fun at that wedding!

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