Linky Love

I am EXHAUSTED! The Tegan & Sara concert rocked my socks off! They played all of my favorites and maintained witty banter and an appropriate amount of audience teasing throughout the show. I also loved on of the opening acts–Miranda Holly–whose voice reminded me of Fiona Apple and Feist. BTW, added bonus: one of her bandmates was a ginger!

Here are a couple Holly Miranda tunes to help you stay mellow this Hump Day:

Holly Miranda – “Joints”

Holly Miranda – “Waves”

Chub in the news today! Serious Eats posted this little bit about fruit and vegetable consumption versus obesity rates. Not surprisingly, states with the highest produce consumption per capita were also the slimmest. What does surprise me? How I managed to get to a godzillion pounds while living in some of the slimmest, produce-saturated states.

3 responses to “Linky Love

  1. My daughter listens to Tegan & Sara – I actually really like their music! I’ll have to see if she’s heard of Holly Miranda.

    Happy Hump Day!

  2. Glad you had so much fun at the concert. 🙂

  3. I know, Tegan and Sara were AMAAZING! The bf and I saw them Saturday night in Boston. No only did they play almost all of Sainthood and lots of older stuff, they did a six-song encore! Plus, their on-stage banter is worth the ticket cost in itself. I liked Holly Miranda, as well–thanks for the videos above.

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