Brownies alleviate white coat anxiety

Well… in less than an hour, I’m off for my doc appointment to find out why my body hates me so. The good news is that the scale is down a pound (but it’s not official WI day).

So far the guesses have been:

  • Low iron, wonky glucose and “Not another patient syndrome”
  • preggo
  • c-reactive protein is elevated still
  • some kind of metabolic implosion
  • or maybe I just have cooties.

I’m not really anxious about any of this, just ready to find out what’s up and move on. Okay… and I kinda want to brag to my doc about how I had a 9,000 calorie deficit last week and maintained a satisfying diet in my calorie range while eating four+ times a day and not relying on “diet” food.

I’ll update later, but in the meantime, I think I found a recipe for the Best Brownies Ever.

It’s a Cooking Light recipe and each brownie is about 145 calories, but I wouldn’t call this the best “light” or “Diet” brownie recipe. It’s just awesome fudgey goodness. And I didn’t even have the toffee for it.


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