Just what the doctor ordered

There was no shortage of disappointment today; however, there were some mad successes, so all’s not lost.

I found out the results of the bloodwork.

*drum roll please*

McLauren wins the mix  and should e-mail me her mailing address so I can send it out next week! There may end up being a Tegan and Sara remix on it!!!

The ONLY thing wrong with my bloodwork was that my c-reactive protein is still elevated. It has remain unchanged. 10.1.

My BP was perfect at healthy 110/70. Total cholesterol dropped from a high normal of 199 to a much more satisfying 167 with an HDL (good cholesterol) of 54. TSH, fasting glucose and A1C were all in the normal ranges.

That said, my weight has not budged. I showed her my pretty little obsessive-compulsive calendar for February. Each day lists: total calories burned, total calories consumed, total calorie deficit, sodium intake, fiber intake, workout routine and percentage of calories from carbs, fat and protein. There is not ONE day in which I eat more than I burn. On most days, the deficit is 1000-1500.

She said, “This doesn’t make sense. I can count on one hand the number of patients I have who are as committed to proper nutrition and fitness. You should be losing weight. You’re doing everything right.”

She listened patiently as I told her how frustrated (and even angry) I was that my body was simply not responding to the work I was doing. Her only explanation was my PCOS; however, most people find that weight loss in PCOS patients is successful with a drug regimen of birth control pills and metformin. I’m on both.

She did exactly what every good doc should do:

  • She listened
  • She empathized
  • She gave me referrals

I now have mid-March appointments with an OB/GYN and an endocrinologist whom she highly recommended. She even gave me the woman’s business card.

So…. needless to say I was frustrated to walk out of there with no answers, just more doc appointments to make. I went to the gym. And I ran.

While my running speed was the lowest it’s ever been (4mph), this was the longest I’ve ever run. 5 minute intervals of jogging with just 2 minute walking intervals in between. I ran a full mile and at no point was I uncomfortable or out of breath even though my heart rate stayed steadily around 155-165. I did it without music too, since my iPod was out of juice. I actually sang quietly during the last 5 minute interval to keep myself going–yes, I was that girl. It was awesome. And it was the first time I thought it might actually be possible to run a 5k. All of it.

I took the day off work as a sick day due to the fact that I had the doc appt in the middle of the morning and I just knew it would result in me needing to call at least another doc. It was nice to be able to fit in the gym for stress relief and it also allowed Evan and I to sneak into Verizon and upgrade our phones. We are now proud Droid owners (buy one, get one free!) and have a family plan which should ultimately save us a few bucks on our cell phone bills. Yippee! I still don’t know how to use it and will probably rely on Evan figuring things out and teaching me, but it’s fast, efficient and pretty. Everything I love in an overpriced phone.


9 responses to “Just what the doctor ordered

  1. Hey, I have been on a posting fast lately but I’m still reading eagerly, and all I can say is good for you for hitting the treadmill in spite of a frustrating day and no Ipod. You’re an inspiration!

  2. So sorry that you did not get the answers you were looking for this morning. I hear your frustration. Keep singing. Keep running. You are an inspiration to all of us less committed folk!

  3. Britttttttttttt C

    ayyy tina. medical mystery or not, i envy your commitment and organization. do this race with me!! http://www.generationrun.com/ it’s in philly and inspiring!

  4. Hi – I just found your blog and love your motivation to keep going, even when you’re not seeing immediate results. I, too, have PCOS. It’s comforting to know that I’m not alone. I hope you find a course of treatment that works for you. I’m still searching for mine…

  5. Pobricita!
    I have a couple guesses, if that’s acceptable
    1) you have an absorbed identical twin (named Katrina, of course)
    2) Evan is recalibrating scales, even if that requires mad ninja skills to break into your doctors office
    3) you have the magical ability (I do too) of just needing to look at the food in order gain weight. When you see the doctor, ask if there are sparkles in the blood.
    4) I guess someone beat me to preggers. Dang!
    5) punishment by god for not hating gay people (thank my friends at westboro baptist for that idea)
    6) alien abduction…or invasion…think men in black @_@
    7) Kristy Ally and Oprah voodoo’ed you.
    8) You’re a ginger
    9)Paula Deen has been slipping stuff (aka butter) into your food.
    10)you’re actually a wormhole. congrats?

  6. @Keelay Geez-us! You just made me cry with your top 10 list of reasons why Tina can’t drop the pudge. That’s better than waking up today and seeing another blizzard predicted (woot for possible snow day tomorrow!)

  7. @Forthright: I’ve been wondering where you were!

    @Britt: can’t do it this year due to travel, but def want to do it next April.

    @Liz: awwww… thanks!

  8. I’m so excited for my prize! Very frustrated for you, though…I know the feeling you’re experiencing; my body, too, is very reluctant to drop the weight. I don’t think my situation is as extreme, though. You’re extremely dedicated to accurate journaling and nutritional analysis. Like your doc says, it doesn’t make sense.

    It sounds like your bloodwork in general was excellent, though! Sometimes our bodies are just wired a certain way that can’t be changed by lifestyle; this sounds like the situation with your C-reactive protein.

  9. Love that you have a doctor that listens – makes all the difference in the world!

    AND you got in a good workout AND new phones!

    I think it was a great day!

    And I am a total tard when it comes to electronics. I got my husband an iPod touch for Christmas. We have wireless wifi in our house and I wanted to look something up and not have to go to our main computer – it was like I was at a computer for the first time!

    Keep up the positive attitude! 😀

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