Triathalon in progress

Yesterday, the College closed wicked early (10am!) due to weather-related power outages, so I got to enjoy a snow day, even though the weather wasn’t all that bad. I was hoping the weather would stay managable enough for me to get the 2.5 miles to my gym for the 6:30pm spin class. Unfortunately, although the gym stayed open, they cancelled all classes after 4pm. I went anyway and decided to do a test run on the triathalon training I have to start soon by creating my own 30 minute/12 mile spin routine and hopping on the treadmill for 30 minutes or so.

My intent was just to start to get used to biking then running, as that’s a part of tri training that many athletes neglect and it kicks them in the ass when they realize they’ve just biked a hella lot of miles and now their legs feel too jelly-like to run.

Let’s also keep in mind that I’m not a runner yet. Until this week, I’ve only been able to do enough 90 second jogging intervals to make it to .89 miles in a half hour.

End result: 12+ mile ride, 1 mile jog (4mph in three 5-minute intervals), 1.4 mile walk (ranging from 3-3.5 mph).

If you’re a facebook friend of mine, you probably noticed that my sister left a smartass comment asking whether my swim portion was the post-workout shower.


NO! (But for the record, I nailed that shower too.)


2 responses to “Triathalon in progress

  1. You love me! 🙂

  2. Good for you! That’s really impressive. Just doing one of those things would be great, but you did both of them. I love following your progress as you train for the tri.

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