Kitchen Experimentation

Now updated with pictures!

I’m not feeling the gym today, so I’m burning calories by puttering around the kitchen and baking. We have plans with friends tonight for a soup & fresh bread night followed by games or The State (that’s right, Nadya & Randy–Evan brought the DVDs over!). Sunday we have some other friends coming over for another game night. I’m baking a couple desserts to feed our friends this weekend, as well as the bread to go with dinner tonight.

“Experiment” 1: Emeril’s Seeded Italian bread. I know better than to experiment with substitutions on bread. I’m playing this recipe straight. Can I tell you how much I love the taste of toasted sesame seeds? mmmmmm…

Experiment 2: Glazed Chai Cookie Bars from CrepesofWrath which is one of my favorite foodie blogs ever. I’ve replaced the butter with Smart Balance 50/50 which cut down the calories to just under 200 per bar. (Skip the glaze and you save another 30-ish calories and cut the sugar down substantially.)

Experiment 3: Apple Walnut Bars from Cooking Light. Again, I’ve made substitutions. I’ve decreased the sugar by 25% because I used canned apple pie filling instead of freshly diced and peeled apples, I omitted the raisins, and I used 1 oz of oat flour in place of 1 oz of the all-purpose flour. The canned pie filling is not a healthier swap–I did it because I have 2 cans of it in the house and would like to use it up. The bars ended up being 219 calories each with canned pie filling and would have been 183 with fresh apples instead. Using fresh apples would have saved 10 grams of sugar and added 1.5 grams of fiber.


5 responses to “Kitchen Experimentation

  1. Gee our invitation must of gotten lost in cyberspace:-( All of those goodies sound wonderful and I can be quite social. Honest!

  2. So how did the substitutions effect the taste? Or did it??

  3. Seemingly no impact! I’m in love with the Smart Balance 50/50 sticks. They’re half butter, so it doesn’t mess with taste or texture too much. Also, the oat flour is always a good sub–it gives baked goods a lovely oat-y, nutty taste.

    Next time, I’d make the chai bars without the glaze though. They were sweet and tasty enough without it.

    Sorry your invite got lost… I don’t know how that happened. Next time I’m in the area, I’ll drop by and shared baked goods and conversation 🙂

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  5. Those chai bars looks awesome! I’m gonna rock those this weekend.

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