Double Date Night

Last night, Evan and I had a wonderful time and amazing eats with our friends Nadya and Randy. I should have taken more pictures, but doesn’t dinner look lovely?

Campbells has nothing on this, baby!

Randy made this recipe from Cooking Light Magazine. It was perhaps the most filling soup I’ve ever had. (After peeking at the nutritional stats, I realized I really underestimate the ability of beans and grains to meet my  protein/carb needs.) The soup had tons of flavor, a great texture thanks to the barley and was quite colorful thanks to bits of tomato, carrot, celery and spinach.

Surprisingly, the bread was also quite tasty even though I accidentally partially baked it while it was rising. You see… I baked the desserts first and then left the oven on. In theory, this would create a warm kitchen with conditions that would allow the dough to rise properly. In reality, leaving dough rising in a metal bowl on a stovetop that was conducting the heat from the oven quite effectively made for a cooked layer of bread at the bottom of my beautifully risen bread dough. Oops.

Another “oops”: not having a spray bottle to mist the bread every three minutes during the beginning of the baking cycle. Apparently, this keeps the outside extra crusty. No fear. A can of Pam worked just as well.

Despite this, the bread seriously only took about 15 minutes of hands on time. Really.

In the end, we spent hours enjoying the food (and desserts, which you can see here) and chatting about health, fitness, writer’s group, writing, blogging, work, movies and a million other topics. Perfect way to spend a Saturday night!


One response to “Double Date Night

  1. Yay! It was such a delicious and fun dinner! And we’ve all been enjoying the left over bread today! Yum!

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