Linky Love

Hey all!  I’ve come across some interesting blogs and food news this week. Enjoy.

Huffington Post article by David Kirby: 6 Baby Steps Towards A More Sustainable Animal Diet.

On Food Stamps is a blog about attempting to eat well on a budget that mirrors that of an average person living on food stamps. The writer only shops at places that accept food stamps and offers a challenge to readers to try their own “On Food Stamps” experiment.

An article by Tom Laskaway about how junk food taxes might be more effective than health food subsidies.

Every 5 years, including in 2010, Congress votes on the Child Nutrition Women, Infants & Children Reauthorization Act, which sets guidelines for federal nutrition programs, including the National School Lunch and School Breakfast programs. Perhaps not coincidentally, a documentary on these programs is out this year. See the trailer here and read an interesting article on some of the issues with school’s food programs here.  And, if you were wondering what school lunches looked like these days, you can see this insightful blog, which I shared back in January. Let’s just say that unless there’s a major school lunch overhaul, my kids will be brown bagging it!

Here is my previous post on school lunch problems.


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