What Diet?

So earlier this week, I may or may not have overindulged in a double serving of homemade spicy Chex mix leaving me with minimal calories for dinner and knocking me over my target for total fat intake.

After scratching my head as I stared into the fridge, I finally figured out what to have for dinner:

Strawberries, grapes, cucumber, red pepper and low fat/reduced sodium cottage cheese

It was actually good! Refreshing after my sodium/fat/carb binge and it felt indulgent thanks to the variety,beautiful colors and fresh produce.

It totally makes that cottage cheese impulse buy worth it!


2 responses to “What Diet?

  1. Love this! Love the colors. Similar to some of the plates I give my 3 year old for dinner sometimes – hey, he loved cucumbers, cheese, grapes and berries, so why not.

  2. @Lisa: smart kid! It’s like summer on a plate.

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