Under Construction

So… I’ve been working on updating my blog since

A) It’s been the same since my first post in February 2009.

B) People like pictures.

C) My workouts and nutrition have evolved since they were last updated (ohhhh… last summer….)

I know. Sad. So, today I give you an updated About Me page and a new page for the books (memoir, cookbooks and health/wellness-related non-fiction) that I’ve read, used or plan to read. I am not linking them to Amazon or Barnes & Noble, because I don’t want to tell you where to shop.

And, yes. Against perhaps my better judgment or at least my ego, there are the dreaded “before” and “current” shots on my About Me page.

Coming up: Updates to my workouts and nutrition plan pages (done!) and maybe some changes to the right hand column ——————————–>

If anyone can tell me how to finagle a picture on my right hand column using one of the WordPress widgets, I’d appreciate it. I’m tired of fighting either a bad widget or lack of interweb knowledge!



6 responses to “Under Construction

  1. your book list excites me – seriously, looking through it i said out loud at least 6 times “oh yea i need to read that one!”

  2. weightwatchersforone

    love the updated about me section. you are so pretty!!

  3. I love the new About Me–you are beautiful!! Looking forward to exploring the changes further. 🙂

  4. Awwww…. thanks ladies!

    @Becca: Thanks for referring your readers to my nerdy little book list! (Now if only I could run and read so I could fit in both my workouts and my reading time….)

  5. Love the added features to your blog! The little picture widget thing-y: I used “Gravatar”, though I’m not really sure that’s the best way to go about it.

  6. Thanks, Jessica! I was using a different picture widget. Woo-hoo! It worked!

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