TGIF Morning WI

Sometimes I think there could be a better way to mark the end of the work week than by stepping on the scale and officially recording whether the number that pops up is more, less or the same as it was the week before.

And…. my weight was the same again.

Overall, this was a great week food and fitness-wise, though I struggled to get my veggies in Thursday for some reason (perhaps that’s why I was hungry just two hours after eating lunch!) and I was exhausted Wednesday night into Thursday.

Plan for the weekend: relaxation. There’s a hella lot of rain coming, we move the clocks forward Sunday and the students return from break. Tomorrow is a corned beef dinner–it will give me a full week to get rid of the salt bloat. And, now that the weather’s warmer and the triathalon is approaching, I may squeak in a trip to a sporting goods store or bike shop to get a bike rack for my car and a decent helmet. No workouts this weekend. I already fit in my five for the week, the weather will be too crappy for outdoor activity and I’ll be at Evan’s and not near my gym. No worries though: next week’s activity is already planned and scheduled.

Also, on the weekend’s agenda: writing. Because writer’s group is coming up and Randy told me I had to. (Besides, it’s a good use of time while at Evan’s this weekend.)

So… what are YOU doing this weekend?


2 responses to “TGIF Morning WI

  1. Maybe Dover Castle this weekend…sounds like you have some nice plans, enjoy the writing, relaxation, and Evan.

  2. I know it’s frustrating when the scale wont move the way you want it to!!! I hope you enjoy your weekend of writing and rain.

    Doing a 5k tomorrow and 2 kids’ bday parties on Sunday. Cake will be enjoyed. I also plan on getting a shamrock shake before they are out of season. Like you, I’ll be back on track next week.

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