The joke’s on me–er–THEM, part two

Okay… so yesterday flat-out sucked. But I decided not to hang myself with a Twizzler or choke on a Cadbury Cream Egg (no matter how amazing they are and how many of them line the Easter section of the supermarket). Today is a new day–and a beautiful, warm and sunny one at that. For starters:

Last night Evan and I went to Barnes & Nobles and I picked up $50 worth of books related to weight loss with PCOS. I purchased A Patient’s Guide to PCOS, The Ultimate PCOS Handbook and The New Glucose Revolution Guide to Living Well With PCOS. I’ve already started reading the first book.

I weighed in this morning. Although the scale was down earlier in the week, I wasn’t expecting much after having a burger and fries for dinner last night (it was NOT a bad day food binge, but a planned burger that I’ve been contemplating for more than a week). The blueberry vodka seltzer, on the other hand…. well, it was just ONE drink. Anyway, the scale showed a frick-frackin’ 1.6lb loss. I don’t get that on a good week–never mind one that includes a burger indulgence and emotional upheaval.

Despite the desire to sleep in a bit today, I got up early and headed off to the lab to get the bloodwork the endocrinologist requested done. It also entailed getting a Sunny Delight-sized jug to pee in this weekend (well… technically, just 24 hours). No joke. Now THAT’S bound to be interesting.

And, then… I registered for the Philadelphia Women’s Triathalon this morning! Any race with a motto of “Go Diva!” is a race for me.

Anyone want to cheer me on July 11th?


3 responses to “The joke’s on me–er–THEM, part two

  1. dont forget to put that sunny d jug on ice. very important. 😉

  2. Congrats on the 1.6 lb. loss this week!

    And WOW – you are really doing the triathlon!?! GO DIVA!

  3. You are a very strong woman! Faced with the crap of yesterday and the prospect of peeing in a jug for the weekend….. you turn around and register for a triathalon. Simply amazing. And inspiring!

    If you want to chat, feel free to email me. I’ve amassed a huge pile of research and ebooks on PCOS and I can more than bury you in information. 🙂

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