Running away

Apparently, Friday is a magical day when it comes to working out. It’s when I’ve beaten my personal bests. The irony? I consider Friday a relaxed workout day. Ideally, I’d like to complete 45 minutes of cardio, a weight circuit and abs, but I realize it’s the end of the week and I just may  not have it in me. The important part is to just get some activity in my day.

Perhaps it’s in that relaxation mode that I do my best work.

Last night I ran 2 full miles for the first time in my life. More significantly, I ran for 25 minutes straight–1.67 miles–before taking a brisk 5 minute walking break and deciding to complete the last 1/3 of a mile. I listed to slow, relaxing, ballad-y music. Nothing stereotypically inspiring for running. I focused on doing 5 minutes at a time, but didn’t check the clock. I relied on the songs for timing, knowing that each one was 3.5-5.5 minutes long. I didn’t feel too tired. My heart rate stayed comfortably under 170 bpm. I controlled my breathing by vaguely singing along to some of the songs at time. I loved it!
Yes, I am the woman who has previously repeatedly said that I would never, NEVER consider incorporating running into my cardio work because I hated it so much. Apparently, I’ve had an about face. Perhaps all this time, my relationship with running has been like a preteen schoolyard relationship. We avoid each other like the plague, only to ultimately visibly start crushing on each other, but not after a little bit of pain. For preteens, it’s the incessant teasing and pushing that is a hormone-fueled symbol of love. For me, that pain was last summer when I attempted to start C25k, only to have issues with heel and foot pain. I never got pass a 90-120 second running interval. Sheesh! Now, I–like the preteen lovebirds–have matured. I’ve absorbed more knowledge about proper running form and technique, and I’m no longer overthinking it. Sometimes ya just gotta do it.


2 responses to “Running away

  1. Hahahaha this is hilarious because now that I think about it you’re right. Running is definitely like young love.

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