All Apologies

I DREADED going back to the lab this morning. I don’t know if I told you this in my last post, but I walked out mid-sentence once the lab tech continued to interrupt me and wouldn’t let me ask any questions. I wasn’t able to call them back yesterday to try to resolve the situation because they only have recorded information such as hours, locations and directions. Instead, I e-mailed the lab company’s website, but never received a call or e-mail back.
I noticed that there was a new woman there this morning. And they noticed my name. When they called it, the new lady brought me to a room in the back, which immediately gave me anxiety.
Apparently, they got the message.
This lady proceeded to ask me what happened and who was involved, and then she apologized for the lack of service and consideration. Unfortunately, I have to do the test again, and they didn’t have the supplies necessary. They said I could wait 15 minutes for someone to drive to one of their other offices and retrieve it, but I was already missing work hours for the fifth time in a week and a half, so I said I’d instead pick it up tomorrow morning (I should be able to go before I have to be at work).
I have to say, I was very appreciative of her response.
In other news, apparently my bloodwork results are ready. The endocrinologist called and left a message for me at home, so now we’re playing phone tag. Who knows what will happen and when I’ll get my results. She’s only in half days today and tomorrow.
Oddly enough, the scale seems to continue to show a downward trend that started the day before my endocrinologist appointment and has continued ever since–after spending two months in the same 1lb weight range. My weight appears to be down a full three pounds since Friday. It must be the tear-shedding and hair-pulling from the frustration of all of this! I can’t remember the last time I saw this weight–probably briefly just before I had back surgery in 2008 but more consistently in 2001 or 2002.
Now… let’s see if the loss outlasts my irritation at the inefficiency of some medical professionals.
For those looking to hear more about my PCOS research, I expect to have finished one of the books by Monday and will post an overview then. I’m also hoping to have started reading one of the other books, which is more diet-focused. If so, I’ll develop a PCOS-approved food plan to try out next week, and we’ll see what happens.
I am stunned by how beneficial it’s been to be transparent in this process. By sharing my story (and my frustration!), I’ve found an incredible support system and great resources. I have now heard multiple recommendations about the benefits of acupuncture in restoring fertility and increasing weight loss. You can bet I’ll be trying that one out in the next couple of months.  Bloggers with PCOS have found their way to me (and me to them), and I’ve learned that several colleagues and college friends are also experiencing similar PCOS-related challenges. Thank you, Internet!

3 responses to “All Apologies

  1. weightwatchersforone

    I hope you get some good news from the Dr tomorrow! It’s good to hear that you are still going down though. I can only imagine how tough it must be to work so hard and see little progress!

  2. Know I’m thinking of you and if you ever want to just vent to someone, you know I’ve got a couple of good ears!!! Sending MANY positive thoughts and vibes as you get ready to get the results.

  3. @Jen: Awwwww…. thanks. Promise me that next year when NASPA (or is it ACPA) is in Philly, we’ll both go and hang out?

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