Results, part one

I’m sure I will ultimately regret admitting this, but Adam Lambert’s single “Whataya Want from Me” has become my ode to weight loss:

Who says pop songs all have to be about unrequited love? I suspect Adam’s little ditty is maybe him reminiscing about those awkward teen years and trying to rid himself of a little baby fat before becoming an uber-fab modern glam rocker.

I picked up the pee test supplies today. This time they gave me paper instructions. Before reading them, I asked (for the second time) “are you sure I don’t have to refrigerate this?” because I’ve heard that the sample does need to be chilled to preserve it. She said “You could if you want, but you don’t have to because there’s a preservative in it.” I get to the car and read the written instructions: it says (no fewer than three times) that the jug should stay in the fridge until it’s turned in.

Raging liberal editorial comment: Perhaps incompetent labs are part of the reason for our increasing health care costs! I wonder how many people have to get repeatedly tested or are misdiagnosed and given ineffective treatment due to lab error… 

 I finally reached my doc about the blood work. All of my results are well within normal ranges, she says, with the exception of my A1C, which is at the high range of normal. A1c determines how well you’re managing your blood sugar. The normal range is 4-5.9. Mine is 5.5, which is high for someone my age (33), but expected in someone with PCOS, insulin resistance and excess weight. Losing weight will decrease it.

Ironic, eh?

I don’t know my exact numbers for the lab work, but I did ask the lab to send a copy to me via mail, so I could compare them to what I’m reading and better understand how it all impacts ME.

Any colleagues, friends and family members know so well how stubborn I am. While it can be problematic in those relationships (I can just see them giggling and rolling their eyes as they read this), this is serving me well (for now) in my approach to health. I simply not accepting the answers I’m getting right now, and I’m insistent that I can do this on my own in a way that’s healthy, natural, comfortable and fits my lifestyle.

Originally, my goal was to lose 60-80 lbs by my 35th birthday on May 9th, 2011. I’ll accept that weight loss will be slower for me, so I’ve adjusted my goals:

  • A 50+lb weight loss (down 50 from January 2010)
  • Have an A1C of 5.0 or lower
  • Have a completed triathalon under my belt and be running 5ks on a weekly basis

One response to “Results, part one

  1. Go get ’em! Great attitude and perspective.

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