I LOVE Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

“Right now in time is a moment when we’re all confused about how brilliant we are and how technologically advanced we are. And that is fighting with what once made our countries great, which is family, community, being together and something honestly as simple as putting a few ingredients together and sitting your family, or your friends or your girlfriend or your mother in law around that table and breaking bread. And if you think that’s not important, then shame on you.” ~ Jamie Oliver, Food Revolution

Ohmygosh! I’m so glad I ended up taping Food Revolution last night. I have to watch it again. There are moments which were so entirely uncomfortable

  • lunch ladies protecting their turf and defending food-like products that had long, unpronounceable lists of ingredients
  • 6 year olds unable to identify produce as simple and popular (I thought) as potatoes or tomatoes
  • townspeople visibly (and vocally!) irritated and offended by Jamie’s presence and promise–and Jamie in tears as a result!
  • kids willing to eat homemade chicken nuggets even after seeing that it was made from the gross bits (bone, connective tissue, guts and leftover meat bits pureed to death)
  • and a family that included a three morbidly obese children (as young as four!) and a diet that relied on the home fryer and a freezer full of pizza and chicken nuggets.

This show is absolutely a must-see. Here‘s the info on the show from ABC and here‘s the info from the superchef himself. The show is on Fridays at 9pm and repeats Saturdays at 3pm on ABC.


7 responses to “I LOVE Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

  1. megandemarco

    Okay, definitely checking out the rerun at 3. This looks awesome.

  2. This was so interesting and sad. I wanted to SHAKE the lunch ladies.

  3. OH MY GOD, I watched it as well and was honestly SHOCKED. I think my favorite part was when the Lunch Ladies and the Principal were trying to explain why kids don’t need knives and forks and Jamie was like “ARE YOU SERIOUS?”

    Great show, seriously a must see.

  4. The chicken patties? PUKE!

  5. thanks for the heads up – i will have to check it out – sounds good

  6. I obviously didn’t see the show but Jamie Oliver does amazing amazing things over in the UK with regard to food and improving what people do and think about it – in addition his campaigns to help troubled youth by getting them involved in cooking healthy food is really revolutionary. He really had dedicated his life to making an interesting difference.

  7. I hadn’t realized that you posted this on the same day I did. (I’m behind on my reading). I’m in love with the show, and can’t wait to see how the whole things plays out – especially with the lunch ladies cooks. 😉

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