Another week, another plan

Oops! The weekend was a little busier than I expected, so I haven’t been able to put together the post about the PCOS book I read. In the meantime, I can say that I’m experimenting with an experimental PCOS-approved diet. It consists of 3 meals and 3 snacks a day with Minimal calories (approximately 1,200) and carbs. No doubt, this will be tough due to the newness of the plan. I’m giving myself a freebie meal each week. This week, it’s Passover Dinner at E’s mom’s house on Thursday.

I’m also going to limit my Bodybugg usage to workouts. My calorie burn has been pretty consistent outside of my workouts, so instead of focusing on daily burn, I’m going to concentrate on tracking the burn during my planned activity. It will also allow me to wear spring tops without answering constant questions about that thing on my arm.


  • Breakfast: light multigrain English Muffin with 1 TBS Almond Butter, decaf coffee with skim milk
  • Snack: pear
  • Lunch: 3 cups of salad greens, 1/2 cup of kidney beans, 4oz grilled chicken breast, 1 tsp olive oil, vinegar & a 25-calorie square of Lindt dark chocolate (that last part totally isn’t in the diet, but I believe it’s moderate enough to quiet any sugar hankerings)
  • Snack: 1/2 cup of FF Greek yogurt mixed with a packet of TruVia/Splenda and 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder (I’m totally jazzed about this snack!)
  • Dinner: 4oz salmon roasted with fresh dill (from colleague’s AeroGarden) and dijon, 1/2 cup of brown rice, 1.5 cups of green beans
  • Dessert: sugar free strawberry Jell-O with 1 cup of chopped strawberries and FF whipped cream

Today’s nutritional statistics, courtesy of The Daily Plate:

  • 1215 calories
  • 28 g fat (21% of calories)
  • 1183 g sodium
  • 146 g carbs (under 50% of calories)
  • 37 g fiber
  • 91 g protein (30% of calories)

I’ve written out the plan for every meal and snack between now and Friday and my kitchen is packed with all the essentials. We’ll see how this works. I’ll re-assess at Friday’s weigh-in and decide if I want to continue this for another week or just drop it altogether. I suspect that if I don’t get at least a 1lb a week loss, it won’t be worth it.


  • Monday: 2 mile run, 1 mile walk, weights, abs
  • Tuesday: long walk
  • Wednesday: spin & abs class, weights
  • Thursday: Rest
  • Friday: 2 mile run, 1 mile walk, weights, abs
  • Saturday: spin class
  • Sunday: rest

3 responses to “Another week, another plan

  1. You have to do it for at least a month… you can’t base it on one week since you’re body is going to be a shock. It’s like if a marketing company asked if people like coke or pepsi better and only asked one person… Follow grandpa’s advice: don’t be a pussy.

  2. we’re looking at heavy rain again tomorrow. GRRR. the following tuesday when it’s finally supposed to be nice, i’ll be in san fran.

  3. Sheesh! I heard about the weather. I looked to see if my gym was doing a 4:30/5pm spin class that I could sneak you into. Sadly, no go. (I’m sure you’re REALLY disappointed!)

    Okay… next walking date: April 13.

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