And so we start again…

Back to the drawing board. It was a bust!

The doc’s office called yesterday. My cortisol and ACTH levels were normal on the second round of testing. When I asked why they were off on the first test, I was told It was probably a false positive due to your weight.

I feel like someone just kicked my dog. Twice. Excuse the cursing, but the current thought running through my head is “Fuck them all.”

I’m giving myself 24 hours of gratuitous self-pity and then I’m moving on. More exercise, continued restricted diet and then re-assessing after 30 days and trying something else if this isn’t working. I still have options.

Those options are:

  • dietary changes
  • return to the nutritionist
  • acupuncture
  • second opinion from endocrinologist or weight loss doc
  • gastric bypass (kinda makes me gag just thinking about it)
  • doing nothing

Those last two are my absolute last options, for the record, but they are getting more and more tempting with each step on the friggin’ scale. Today’s weight: up 1 lb from last week.


3 responses to “And so we start again…

  1. How frustrating! I gave up on doctors and just quit going. I admire you for continuing the quest to resolve your health issues.

    I’ll keep you posted on the metabolic testing – perhaps you could add that to your list of options. 🙂

  2. You continue to amaze me with this absolutely unstoppable positive attitude despite the daily peaks and valleys. You can swear all you want. I would be screeching under the railroad bridge so the whole neighborhood could hear my frustration. You are a trooper and I have complete faith that you will figure this out because of your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy Tina. Love to the family! Have a great weekend.

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