When I started Weight Watchers, I would weigh in on Mondays. At the time, it usually helped me stay on track through the weekend since I knew once the fun and games were over, I’d be on the scale. Sometimes, my WW experience was like a bad night of drinking–sure, it would be fun in the moment, but Monday evening’s weigh-in could resemble the remnants of a bad hangover. OR, alternately, I’d avoid every possible social situation in an attempt to stay on track, ending up feeling like an alienated dieter.

Then, after moving to a new state and realizing their Monday leader lacked personality, I realized it was more important to have a good leader–I went to the Weight Watchers meeting that had the funniest, most realistic, helpful and informed facilitator.

Now that I’m my own leader/facilitator, it’s dealer’s choice. I settled on Friday, because it allows me to be motivated by the hard work I do during the week, which keeps me focused through the weekend. On the weekend, I’m more likely to eat out, be at Evan’s (with typical bachelor kitchen limitations, despite the fact that they have a very lovely gas stove and large walk-in pantry) or have more time to graze, snack or indulge. That can be a diet disaster. A Friday weigh-in motivates me to stay on plan on the weekend, but it also lets any sodium bloat from weekend dinners out go away before my next step on the scale.

So that brings us to today. I was definitely nervous about stepping on the scale. There were too many potential obstacles to weight loss this week:

  • needing to take it easy at the gym due to the car accident
  • car accident stress
  • car accident stress eating (jelly beans, Dove dark chocolate eggs, M&Ms…)
  • traveling this weekend and having less control of my diet
  • dining out with a candidate for one of the positions open in our department on Wednesday (for a very late, 9pm dinner)

Fortunately, there were many things I did well:

  • tracked every bite Friday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • drank lots of water almost every day this week
  • ate lots of veggies
  • took walks on several of those “easy” days
  • stayed under 1300 calories Friday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • got lots of sleep every day except Thursday (a 2 am duty call interrupted my night)

Also, on my dinner out with the candidate, I had two healthy game plans thanks to the fact that this little local Italian restaurant was modern enough to post their menu online.

Option A: a side of steamed Italian-style green beans (with diced tomatoes and garlic) and steamed mussels (in red sauce–no butter or oil). Under 400 calories for 2 dozen mussels and nearly 2 cups of green beans.

Option B: grilled shrimp and lump crab meat on a bed of romaine with an olive oil and lemon juice dressing. I decided to go with this and asked them to be light on the oil–they were. They skipped the oil, bringing it to the table for me to control instead. Ace decision! It was healthy and delish and under 200 calories. I supplemented it with some pistachios and diced peaches back at home afterwards.

And…. drum roll, please…

I lost 1.8 pounds for a total of 8.4 lbs lost in 2010 and 3.4 lbs lost in April. With two weeks left in the month, I’m hopeful that I’ll have an awesome monthly loss (more than 5 lbs) for the first time in two years! It’s also put me at my lowest weight since at least 2002.

Many of us play around with weigh-in rituals. What do you do and why do you do it?


7 responses to “Hoor-Weigh!

  1. That is awesome! I honestly am so impressed especially with the crazy-insane-week from hell you’ve had! Bravo on staying focused.

    Personally, I am completely a scale junkie. I get on it every morning, when I get home from work, and before bed. I have a problem. I have no idea why I do it – i guess just to keep myself accountable? It’s weird though, i know.

    Congrats again! Keep it up!

  2. Congrats! Your plan seems to be working out awesomely, even while having some major stress and a few pieces of candy.

    My weigh-in plan: I don’t go near the scale when I know I’ve been naughty. Horrible, I know! But it’s true.

  3. @Becca: I do too sometimes! It’s not really an accountability thing though–it’s just curiousity about how my weight fluctuates throughout the day.

    @Jessica: Honesty is the best policy! Thanks for the congrats (and the tri resources the other day!)

  4. I have a bike computer made by Giant – it was around $50 for the equipment and the installation from the bike shop. It’s accurate and easy to use and definitely a worthwhile investment! I also use an app on my phone called “cardio trainer” that tracks mileage using GPS.


  5. Good for you! That’s so great that you’re almost at your lowest weight. 🙂

    My scale ritual: first thing on Wednesday morning, take care of “bathroom business,” undress, hop on, photograph it for the blog and I’m done until the next week.

  6. @Jessica: Thanks! I actually can get CardioTrainer on my Droid, but haven’t tried it yet.

    @Bella: How patient of you… I’m too nosy. To me, weighing myself is like when a friend tells you she has a secret and your eyes instantly get as big as saucers and you want to know what it is immediately. I swear my scale whispers “I’ve got a secret!” every time I walk past it.

  7. megandemarco

    Congrats on the loss, Tina!

    I weigh-in on Sundays. I feel like it’s a nice feeling that you’re starting your week fresh with a new set of weekly points. Plus, Saturday is the day I’m most likely to splurge, whether it’s going out to dinner or going out with friends to a bar (or both – eek). So, if I have weekly points left I can relax a little on Saturdays.

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