Confession Time

Despite the fact that the scales showed a pretty impressive lost last week (and still continue on a delightful decline), I have to admit that I haven’t been to the gym in more than a week. It started off as me taking it easy and just going on a few walks, since I was still sore from the accident, but my official planned return to the gym Thursday was cancelled due to work. Friday I ran out of time. This weekend, I was tired and cranky and just didn’t feel like it.

Well, here is it Monday, and I’m still tired and a little cranky. I suspect this is because I have not been to the gym.

I’m dreading it, but I WILL be going to the Total Body Conditioning class tonight. And tomorrow I’m going on a long walk (and maybe also a bike ride) outside since it’s supposed to be beautiful. Wednesday is spin & abs class with a weight circuit thrown in for good measure. Thursday: another spin class. Friday, I’ll take a well-deserved rest, but it’s back in the gym Saturday or Sunday for another workout (weights & cardio).

I may not need to work out in order to make the scale budge, but I DO need it to help my attitude improve.

Also, I’ve been slipping up with the no caffeine thing. This morning marked my return to caffeine free living.


One response to “Confession Time

  1. I just can’t seem to give up the caffeine. I crave coffee ALL morning long!!

    I’m really interested in taking a class at my gym. They seem to be super popular and I know I would def benefit from them. Just need to make that transition! 🙂

    Great job on your losses!

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