It Ain’t (always) Easy

Man… it seems like just Saturday I was singing about how easy this diet has been and the past day has been nothing but WANTING to eat but not knowing what I was craving and despite being perfectly full.

So. Annoying.

I passed the craving with water and later an organic herbal lavender tea, suspecting that PMS, stress and crankiness was the cause. but not before mindless grazing on a couple handfuls of cereal as I realized that my cereal collection–about 7 unopened boxes–had all officially expired since I haven’t really eaten cereal since last summer and fall. I’m not sure whether to trash them, donate them to a soup kitchen or keep them. After all, cereal doesn’t really go bad, per se. (What would you all do?) Cleaning the kitchen and turning off the light were my visual cues that I Was Done.

Food and workout has been updated for multiple reasons and is being posted here solely for accountability purposes:

  • BREAKFAST: Egg Beaters on Light Wheat Fiber One English Muffin, 1/2 TBS Smart Balance Light, decaf coffee w/half & half
  • SNACK: apple
  • LUNCH: grilled chicken on large mixed green salad with 1/2 cup of beans and salsa instead of dressing, 2 TBS of guacamole, 1 square (25 calories) of dark chocolate
  • SNACK: 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese
  • EXERCISE: long walk (60 minutes/4 miles)
  • DINNER: chicken and cauliflower curry with sweet potato
  • SNACK: nonfat latte (decaf)
  • PM COMMITMENT: coffee date with a student to discuss health/wellness and just life in general. ๐Ÿ™‚
My fat intake is ridiculously low today: 24 grams total–only 17% of my 1171 calorie day. I may add 1/2 a TBS of peanut butter with my morning snack just to hold me over a little better.

3 responses to “It Ain’t (always) Easy

  1. I am right there with ya! I can go from 100% motivated to blah in about 1.2 seconds. I have no idea what it is that makes the change, maybe finding that out would be my big Oprah “AH-HA” moment. I also wish I could bottle the motivation so that I could use it on days when it just isnt there. Sounds like youre doing an awesome job smacking the lack of motivation around and sticking to your goals, good job ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS-I agree about the adding of a little more fat! I know it keeps me fuller

  2. Is cereal ok for birds? I seem to remember a craft project from Girl Scouts that involved coating pine cones and rolling them in bird seed (substitute cereal?), then hanging them up. Or just toss it around a tree outside.

  3. @Jess: Good idea! But I’ll go the lazy route and just toss it in the grass for the birds and squirrels (and feral cats) to feast on.

    @Scalewarfare: Thank you! And it’s always a good day when I HAVE to add peanut butter to my diet!

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