So close!

Woo hoo! Down another 1.4lbs despite the skinny piece (plus an extra bite) of triple chocolate layer cake at last night’s work-related banquet. In exchange, I skipped my evening snack so I was a little hungry but I reminded myself that I was 2/10 of a pound away from a 10lb loss, so I just rolled with it.

This morning, I set the alarm extra early for a spin class that quite frankly wasn’t worth the early morning wake-up call, but at least I know that my work out is out of the way and the rest of my day is free for car shopping, boatloads of laundry and cupcake baking for Evan’s stepdad’s birthday.

Sticking to 1200 calories a day this weekend will undoubtedly be tough, but I’m not really looking for perfection. (I know! It’s a first. Stop the presses!) I know I’ll be over calories. I’m allowing myself ONE off-diet splurge a day to accommodate social plans without feeling deprived.


One response to “So close!

  1. Woot – congrats on -1.4! Wow, not sure I could stick to a 1200 calorie diet – good luck this weekend! 😀

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