I am just starting to acknowledge (to myself and publicly) that my allergies have won.

Pollen: 1

Tina: 0

It started last weekend when the central air broke in the midst of 90 degree temps. I spent the week with the windows open, also trying to be green and sustainable, especially since we are destroying our Earth, oil slick by underestimated oil slick.

For the record, my AC was fixed Wednesday, but I’ve been doing the open window thing, enjoying the breeze and cool nights all week.

And all week, I’ve sniffled and sneezed, my eyes have burned and I’ve experienced mind-numbing exhausted–so much so that Wednesday night, I tweeted “My brain continues to confuse hunger and fatigue, yet I stubbornly insist on staying up to read a bit and watch Top Chef Masters” at 8:36pm. I then fell asleep on my sofa at 8:50pm, but not before grazing on a couple mini glazed cruellers and eating half of a seemingly steroid-enhanced bakery bagel with cream cheese.

When I’m tired, I eat. I need to learn that when I’m tired, I need to sleep. (I also get pretty darn cranky, for the record.)

That said, the scale was up until Wednesday night. After my donut and sleep (9.5 hours) mini-binge, it was down 2lbs. Strange. Proof that there are Lost-style mysteries that have an impact on the scale.

Today’s official WI: down 1.4 pounds!

Good enough considering I wasn’t completely on track this week. Great considering just a couple months ago, it seemed like I was fighting for every ounce lost. Good enough to allow me to enjoy my birthday weekend.

On the agenda for the weekend:

Friday: Fulfill a lost bet with one student (I promised I’d eat a TBS of cornstarch if she didn’t have a job by closing) and allow another to pie me as a reward for raising the most money at a fundraiser we had earlier in the year. Get my car washed and pick up my plates and registration.

Saturday: 9:30am outdoor spin class. Make sure my bike is ready for riding on the road. Hang out in New Hope for shopping, birthday dinner, beer, festivities.

Sunday: Maybe catch up with a friend who’s in town. Maybe celebrate Mother’s Day with Evan’s family. Maybe finally finish composing my blog about the PCOS/glycemic index eating book. Make a plan for next week (no maybe on that one).

No more dining hall lunches as of today! That will help me keep my diet on track for the next few months.

4 responses to “Absenteeism

  1. Wow do I ever feel you on the AC (and just a little on the allergies) Our AC in my neighborhood (its an older neighborhood) is JUST getting turned on today. We’ve had the windows open 24/7 for almost two weeks now. Everything is covered in pollen including my lungs.

    AWESOME job on the loss!!!!

  2. Yay for you! Have a nice birthday weekend, you deserve it for having to swallow cornstarch — but must have worked!

  3. Have a great birthday weekend! 🙂

  4. Sounds like an eventful Friday!! My mouth is dry just thinking about the cornstarch. Kudos to you for making work/school fun, though.

    Have a great birthday weekend!

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