My 34th year…

Yesterday was my birthday–Happy birthday to me!

Fun Tina Fact: I am the firstborn and was delivered on Mother’s Day, so my mom’s very first mother’s day was celebrated within moments of my birth. This is somewhat of a family tradition. My father, also a firstborn, was born on Mother’s Day (his birthday is May 11).

In the midst of crazy work time (our students move out and we close the residence halls this weekend) and celebrating time (which has included a work celebration, date night/dinner with Evan  and dinner with Evan’s family–my family lives 4+ hours away, so I’ll see them all for Memorial Day instead), I decided to set aside some birthday party time to consider what I want to make of this upcoming year and to assess where I’m at in achieving my New Year’s Resolutions.

So far, so enh. I’m behind on writing, but that should pick up with a more relaxed work schedule May through July. My fitness/health regimine is gaining momentum, my savings plan is suitable, and I committed to the Philly Women’s Triathalon this July. But, that’s all “doing.” I feel like I need a little character development to go along with all these changes I’m making in my life.

I got a little something special on my birthday to remind me of my personal goal this year…

It’s a tattoo on my inner wrist that says “patience.” As the firstborn and a Taurus, it’s a characteristic I really struggle with–whether it’s weight loss, being patient with others or learning that I do not need to control all things at all times. In fact, I was so anxious to get out in the world, that I was born a few weeks early. The inability to be patient–to be at peace and ready and waiting for whatever life sees fit to bring me–makes me more high strung than I need to be. It’s not that I can’t do it. Isimply forget it’s an option. So this year, my tattoo will remind me that patience is an option–and often one that yields magical results.

After all, patience has served me well. It allowed me to find my current job, after nearly a year of searching and not finding opportunities that I thought would truly suit me. It has helped me to lose more than 60 lbs. It’s given me a solid relationship that is more than 2 years running. It can’t be all that bad, right?


6 responses to “My 34th year…

  1. tina! i related so much to your post today. i am the first-born, born just after mother’s day (may 12! holla!), a taurus, stubborn, and impatient. i feel like i should copy you and get that tattoo. i need it to remind myself not to get impatient with MYSELF as i continue to struggle adapting to having a baby.

  2. Happy Birthday! And I love the tattoo! As a fellow Taurus, I get it 🙂

    Patience is a virtue i struggle with too.

    Hope you had a great day!

  3. you got a tattoo!? WOOO. love it! i want the same thing except mine would say “esperanza” which means hope.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! I love your tattoo.

    That’s such a cute story that you are your dad were born on Mother’s day! Kind of crazy!

  5. Happy Birthday and good luck with the resolutions!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    I love the tattoo. I am a first born also, so I now a thing or two about patience (or lack there of;) )

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