Chilling out

I’ve been blog-voidant these days simply because I’ve been busy and tired. Really tired. Last night I was in bed by 9:30pm and reluctantly dragged myself out of bed at 7:30am. I blame my semi-sleepy state today on strange dreams about my brother dressed in a navy polyester suit and driving the little car pictured below on my mother’s brand new living room carpet. It was as if Tim Burton was directing my dreams last night.

The good news: the busy-ness and fatigue has allowed me to be more relaxed on the food and exercise front. I’m not overthinking anything, even when plans change a bit. For example, Evan is coming over later than expected Wednesday and I had to run errands that took longer than expected Tuesday after work. Easy solution: skip gym Tuesday and go Wednesday instead. Voila!

I even ran last night. More than 20 minutes straight, on a treadmill, at time conversing with people I knew at the gym. I’m amazed that:

A) I could have a conversation while running and wasn’t gasping desperately for breath, and

B) I didn’t go flying off the Dreadmill.

Meals are just as simple: breakfasts are 1/2 cup of Egg Beaters with 1oz low sodium lean ham on a Fiber One English muffin. Lunches are taco salads (tons o’ veggies + black beans + salsa instead of dressing = delicious, easy balanced meal). Snacks are pieces of fruit or light string cheese or yogurt or cottage cheese. It’s all pre-packed and ready. Just grab and go.

The goal: get extra sleep this week, wrap up some projects, keep life as simple as possible and lose another 1.4lbs this week so I can hit a new weight loss low.

What are you aiming for this week?

One response to “Chilling out

  1. Tina – your dream was cracking me up! I know it was probably odd/ disturbing for you and I’m sorry it caused you to lose sleep. But, just picturing it made me giggle.

    Great job on the treadmill run! You’ll be triathlon-ready by July. 🙂

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