Challenges, training and miscellany

Again, I apologize for the lack of consistency in my posting. Wrapping up the end of the year and beginning what will hopefully be a more relaxed summer schedule was just so darn challenging this time around. I don’t quite understand what has been up with my fatigue these days. Monday night, bedtime was 9:30pm. No joke. Had I wrapped up some things I needed to do earlier, I would have been under the covers by 8pm. My granny bedtime is getting a bit ridiculous–it’s not like I’m getting up at a granny hour. Typically, I set my alarm for 6:30, but lounge in bed til 7-ish. I’m hoping that a few days of a normal schedule, normal eats and normal workout routines will get me back on my little energetic bandwagon. Now if only I could avoid the homemade dessert spread and ice cream social at this afternoon’s Divisional Meeting…

I know! “Normal” people can have a treat every now and then. I could probably have a little bit of ice cream today (and I may still choose to), except for the following:

1. I eat sweets, I crave sweets. Ice cream in particular is my downfall. I love ice cream so much, I prefer it naked. No nuts, no add-ins, no cones, no toppings. Plain as the day it was churned.

2. This will probably be standard, mass produced chocolate, strawberry or vanilla ice cream. If instead, they served an assortment of my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors, I’d be more tempted, but the reality it that I will likely be somewhat disappointed by spending precious, valuable calories in my budget on standard ice cream fare. It’s like drinking Coors Light when you really want a Fat Tire Amber Ale.

3. I grazed this weekend (and some more last night). I think it was stress, fatigue and going a little nutso without my normal electronic distractions (we had a planned power outages 6a-6p Saturday and Sunday). The weekend included pizza (twice), ice cream, Thai food, lots of pretzels, a bagel with cream cheese at Dunkin Donuts, a breakfast sandwich at Starbucks, coffee, a frappuccino, more coffee/caffeine, cookie bars and turkey hot dogs that probably had more sodium in two dogs than I typically eat in a day. There were very few vegetables. As a result, I kinda felt like crap by Monday morning. I’ve been a bloated (up 3-4lbs), hungry mess ever since. I feel the need to be more stringent and structured with my food and exercise to alleviate the cravings and water retention, allow myself an impressive weight loss this week and get my mojo back.

Weekends are my more relaxed days, so generally I don’t consider it “bad” that I ate all that stuff. What’s “bad” is because it was just emotionally and fatigue fueled grazing. That mindset got me fat. I didn’t need–or even want it–most of the time and I surely didn’t think about it. So, I’m switching back to normal–what’s normal for me. 1200-1300 calories, planned indulgences on weekends and a great workout routine.

Speaking of workout routines, this week marked the official start of my triathalon training, although it got off to a shaky start when I returned to my Total Body Conditioning class Monday night and started counting the minutes a quarter of the way through class. After 25 minutes of the 55 minute class, I wanted to quit. Just after the halfway mark when she made us do wall sits, I was silently saying the F-word over and over in my head. And then, 3/4 of the way through the class when we did a cardio interval with jumpropes and I nearly tripped myself THREE times during a 30 second segment, I was ready to die. Finally, during the last 5 minutes when we did tricep presses overhead, I nearly dropped an 8lb dumbbell on my head. Needless to say, I was sore Tuesday (and still sore today), but I managed to get in a 30 minute 4.2 mph walk. Mmy hips and hamstrings were too tight to run comfortably, especially since the better quality treadmills were all taken. Instead, I had a shaky little Dreadmill with a lose belt that made me feel like I was sliding when I tried jogging.

I am TRYING to get on track for the remainder of the week but I do NOT have high expectations for this week’s weigh in. I’d be happy with a maintain at this point.

Here’s the training plan the rest of the week:

  • Wednesday: weights and a spin & abs class (45 min spin, 15 min abs)
  • Thursday: 45 min spin class
  • Friday: 300 yard swim, 20 min run, 10 min walk, weights
  • Saturday: 45 min bike (optional–I’m letting it be weather dependent)
  • Sunday: rest

2 responses to “Challenges, training and miscellany

  1. Seriously lady you speak my language FAT TIRE. Although I’m more Sunshine Wheat. Rumor has it that you can get it east of the Mississippi now when for the longest time you couldnt. I actually spent $50 on two six packs for one of my BFF’s birthdays a couple of years ago. I need to do more digging because I havent found it in Whole Foods or TJ’s or any of the standard grocery stores in DC

  2. I hate how when I eat something off plan, like nachos or pizza, I start to CRAVE junk like no other! Sounds like triathlon training is going to be tough but soo worth it!

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