Tri training

First, a weight update. I weighed in on Friday, expecting a slight gain. Instead, I maintained. Phew!

I’ve set a few little mini goals:

  • down 2 lbs this week
  • down 1.4lbs next week to push me into the next lowest weight decade.

This weekend, I walked about 5 miles or so in NYC and ate responsibly on Saturday. I even did well (2 beers and a 300 calorie turkey burger on a whole grain bun with steamed broccoli instead of fries) at Friday’s unanticipated happy hour. I also did fine all day Sunday, until fatigue set in during my Lost series finale party and I ate too many crackers and too much brie. As expected, the scale was up a touch this morning, but nothing outlandish or irreversible.

The next couple weeks of triathalon training will be a little challenging due to weekend travel plans AND the fact that the brakes on my bike are shot (discovered just as I was getting on the road tonight for a ride). Regardless, I did make a plan and I intend on sticking to it.


  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: was supposed to be a 45 minute bike ride, ended up being a walking/rest day
  • Tuesday: 20 min run/25 min walk/weights
  • Wednesday: 500 yard swim
  • Thursday: 35 min run/weights/400 yard swim
  • Friday: 45 min bike ride
  • Saturday: outdoor run with my sister


  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: run 20 min/walk 25 min
  • Tuesday: 50 min bike ride/weights
  • Wednesday: 600 yard swim/45 min spin class/15 min abs class
  • Thursday: weights/45 min spin class/swim 750 yards
  • Friday: run 40 minutes
  • Saturday: rest day

As for the bike, I don’t want to invest tons of cash into a new one, since I don’t really know if I love outdoor biking (or triathalons) enough to warrant that. I may see if I can get the brakes fixed or get something inexpensive on sale at Target. (On the day of my tri, I will likely rent a good bike.)

One response to “Tri training

  1. Congrats on the maintain! that’s always a nice surprise when you think you’ll be up. Good luck starting you triathlon training, looks like a busy 2 weeks ahead!

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