I slept poorly last night and forgot to set the alarm for the earlier wake-up, so I had to cram my run into my lunch break. Not ideal, but do-able.

Today’s 35 minute run was… EASY! Got bored during the last 10 minutes but powered through thanks to Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way,” Tegan and Sara’s “The Living Room” and a little bit of Tori Amos’s “Silent All These Years” to calmly end my 2.35 mile excursion. And, yes, I sang those songs quietly as I jogged. People looked at me like I was a little crazy. I don’t blame them. My heart rate stayed in the 150s the entire run–perfect! (That’s about 80% of my maximum heart rate.)

Then, I jetted off to the pool to swim 400 yards. It was so refreshing, but I think the most challenging part of today’s workout was being hot and sweaty post-run and attempting to quickly shove my ass into a Speedo before the pool closed and my lunch break was over. There was a point where I thought I was going to injure myself and I wondered how I’d explain it without completely embarassing myself.

I did the swim, enjoyed the post-run sense of calm and strangely don’t feel exhausted.

Now: chugging a Nalgene bottle full of ice water and enjoying a huge lunch of raw veggies, hummus and a salad of arugula, beets and goat cheese as I get back to work.


8 responses to “Damn-freakin’-right!

  1. 1st- I dentify- I sang newsies on my 3.5 mile run.. I carried the banner through it all…

    2nd- Yay on the swim

    3rd- FYI- Drink some warm tea after you swim… the pool cools down your body temperature forcing your body to think you’re hungry for energy to warm you up… if you drink a hot drink it will counteract that..

  2. Funny story: I was in REI about a month ago trying on a sports bra and it was waaaaaaaaaaaay to tight. Unfortunately I didn’t find this out until I had it on… and then couldn’t get it off. Really, I struggled for about 5 minutes, wriggling, shimmying, and throwing my arms into the air as if to fling it off. I almost had to ask for help. Can you imagine? I got it off eventually. Whew!

  3. WOOOO go tina!!! how do i make that little weight loss tracker on my blog?

  4. sounds like an AWESOME workout! thank you for the laugh though because I am still sitting here cracking up! getting ready to go workout with my trainer…the best part…he learned some new exercises from a Crossfit competition this past weekend – grrrrrrreat i’m excited 😛

  5. WOOHOO on an easy run! That’s an awesome feeling, innit??

  6. Thanks, SeattleRunnerGirl! It sure is!

    @Jess: I would have paid for front row tickets to see someone ask for assistance getting out of a sports bra! I’ve recently switched to the ones that hook, so I can more easily extricate myself.

    @Brit: Go to Widgets and select the text option. I just create my own list of dates and log my weight each week.

    @Mon: I’ve heard scary things about those Crossfit competitions. I hope you survive to tell us about it.

    @Val: Your obsession with Newsies mirrors my obsession with David Bowie 🙂

  7. Tina,

    I’d be up for a run when you visit next weekend. We could run around Cass Park (no hills!) or around town.

    Looking forward!

  8. My iTunes is all messed up so I actually hooked up to my daughters play list – and am actually liking a lot of her tunes! Am0ng them are some Tegan and Sara songs – love their harmony!

    Happy Friday Tina – hope you have a great weekend!

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