My posts these days feel a bit random, scattered and flighty. I think it’s less representative of the words I put on the page when I blog and more representative of the thoughts flying through my head these days. Despite the fact that this should be a slow, summer schedule, I feel as if so much is happening right now and my head is swimming. I feel super motivated but super distracted all at the same time.

I’ve started a list and timeline to help my head keep it all together.

1. Work. The summer is a really nice lull but because of the slower work pace, my mind goes nuts with ideas on what to do for next year. I find myself getting incredibly distracted. I need focus. From now on, I’m sticking to a regimented task list–even scheduling my tasks into my calendar–and whenever I have an idea that risks taking me from my committed tasks for the day, I’m simply going to jot it down in a notebook. I’ll schedule several hours a week to start working on those ideas/planning for next year, but I can NOT continue to let it keep me from the other stuff that needs to get done.

2. Triathalon. Training is continuing. I bought a Speedo swimsuit, size 16, that fits perfectly and is comfortable. Also: goggles. It’s amazing how much better I feel swimming in a real swimmers suit and without the chlorine and smeared mascara burning my eyes while I flop through the water, attempting to go faster, rely on my arm strength and limit the amount of pool water I inadvertently ingest. Today, my laps felt like a true workout. I was out of breath. I could feel my heart pumping fast. Tomorrow I have to run 35 minutes. I’m nervous. I’ve never done more than 25 minutes, I think. And I have to do it in the morning, when I more tight, have less energy and I’m cranky.

3. Spinning. I’ve decided to get certified to be a spin instructor. There’s a class in early August that will give me the credentials. It could be a great way to make a few extra bucks AND give me workout accountability in the upcoming months. The only hang-up I have about actually teaching a class is my weight. Seriously. I may have lost a total of 63-point-something pounds, but will people take a chubby instructor seriously? I don’t know… I’ll bet my classes would kick ass though.

4. Weight. It’s not budging this week. No surprise considering the number of unexpected things that have interrupted my plans for the week (a phone call Monday that delayed my ride and then realizing my brakes were shot, a commitment Tuesday that popped up out of nowhere challenging both my workout and food plan). I have 9 days to lose 2.5 lbs so I can be in the next weight decade and log a 15lb loss (for 2010–a total 65lb loss from my highest). C’mon! I want to start busting my ass towards a 70 and 75lb loss already! Fortunately, I have plenty of exercise opportunities at home this weekend (the pool will be open, my sister’s taking my on a run, I may bring my bike home to see if my bro can help me fix it so I can squeak in a ride) and I will be packing some of my own snacks to help me avoid food challenges this weekend (with the exception of the Memorial Day cookout and cupcake competition–a girl’s gotta have some fun!).

4. Vacation. I’m off next week. I’m not really going anywhere (except for weekend trips both weekends), but I’m using the time to relax, maximize some time for training and maybe do some final spring cleaning projects that need to be completed. Possible priorities:

  • clean out/organize my desk and bookshelves
  • clean out spare room closet and get rid of things that I haven’t used since moving here in 2007
  • sort through and donate some old magazines
  • flag some summer recipes that need to be tried before this season’s produce comes to an end
  • Farmer’s Market trip(s)!
  • lose whatever weight I need to lose to get me to the 65 total pounds lost marker
  • read/sleep/relax
  • go on long bike rides and maybe a long walk or two

Here’s my attempt at being regimented and accomplish my goals for tomorrow:


10:00pm–bed time. Gotta get good beauty rest for an early morning workout tomorrow!


6:15am–wake up, eat a light snack (toast with peanut butter)
7:00am–at gym for 35 minute jog, 10 minute walk, weights
8:15am–home to shower, pack breakfast (Greek yogurt, diced mango, slivered almonds) and lunch (veggies, hummus, pita chips, salad with beets and goat cheese) to eat at work
9:00am–work. Calendar is already outlined with my task list.
4:30pm–home. Spend time with Evan and maybe bake cupcakes for this weekend’s competition (or make them Friday morning). Pack for the weekend (list of what to pack is already done!).


3 responses to “Excitement

  1. What kind of speedo suit did you get? I need to get one!

    Wow – spin instructor!?! You go, girl!

    And awesome job on the tri-training. Mine starts next week (I think).

  2. I think this is the one I got:

    And for some reason, they rang it up with an extra sale price or something, so I got it for $40! Whatta steal! I like that the legs aren’t super high cut.

  3. Thanks, chica! I’ll have to go check out Dick’s Sporting Goods. 🙂

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