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Well, folks… even though half of my vacation was a staycation, I really couldn’t convince myself that spending time on the computer was better than going out for a bike ride, spending time with Evan, shopping for tri-gear and just enjoying the beautiful weather.

I had my first outdoor bike ride last week (thanks to my bro fixing my brakes!). I have a mountain bike and took it to a trail that was flat but half dirt and half crushed stone. Seven miles in under an hour. Not the best time, but good given that I haven’t ridden a real bike (spin bikes don’t count!) in years. My balance was a little shaky at first, and I have no clue how to shift gears, which certainly slowed down my ride. While I’m relying on spin to build up my endurance and leg strength, I’m planning to do one outdoor ride (45 to 90 minutes) weekly in the 5 weeks between now and the triathalon.


Swim-wise, I’m also learning. Last week I did my first 750 yard swim. It was tiring, but I managed to do it in less than 30 minutes. In fact, I mistakenly calculated that I needed to do 35 laps and ended up doing 36 so I could get out in the shallow end. In reality, I only needed to do 30 laps. I did 900 yards in under 30 minutes! I still need to work on my form (especially breathing) and increase my speed.

Running was a wash this weekend. My achilles tendinitis is back. It started bugging me a bit Friday and has continued until today. I am going running (on the treadmill) today, but playing it by ear. If it hurts, I’ll stop and walk or bike instead.

I did lose a pound last week, though, so that was good. I really didn’t want to spend another week maintaining.

Now, I’m just getting my bearings, trying to come up with a healthy food and fitness plan for the week and playing catch-up a little bit at work. Tonight, I’ll recover from my run by icing my achilles while catching up on my Cooking Light Magazines to find some new recipes to try next week.

Here’s the plan (click to open):  June 8th Food and Fitness Plan

I’m fairly certain the calories on my plan are under 1300 and have appropriate carb/fat/protein balances. If not, I’ll adjust. (In fact, I think I can cut out the afternoon snack on Thursday, knowing that dinner will have a little more calories than usual.) Today’s stats are:

  • 1245 calories consumed
  • 32% from carbs
  • 27% from fat
  • 41% from protein (yay halibut, chicken, yogurt & cottage cheese!)

Sunday is a rest day from exercise and the 1200 calorie restriction. Made With Awesome will have a table at Philly’s Pride weekend and will be selling these awesome t-shirts, including this PrideFest special. I’m helping out and scoping out the sites.


2 responses to “Back to Blogging…

  1. Not sure if you have heard this before or not but when running a treadmill make sure to have your incline at at least a 1.0. When I was in buying sneakers last and complaining that it hurt to run on the treadmill this was something they told me about. Although the treadmill is great it doesn’t help to mimic the actual outdoors enough and running on a zero incline can help induce shin splints and such. Not that that will help your achilles, but I still wanted to share. Now I am off for a workout with my trainer…this should be interesting…

  2. Welcome back! Looks like a fantastic plan. I think I’ve let my Cooking Light magazine subscription lapse. Must remedy that ASAP

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