Scrimping & Saving

I have friends coming in from out of town tonight and intend to take them to Princeton to go out to dinner and wander around a cute little community. Dinner will likely involve a trek to an awesome coffeeshop or (more likely) the most awesome ice cream place ever (hello! local ingredients! handmade! microcreamery!).

As a result, I have penny pinched each and every calorie today. I:

  • made an Egg Beater sandwich without the 2% cheese, saving 50 calories
  • replaced the light English muffin with light multigrain bread, saving 30 calories
  • skipped the wrap with my veggielicious lunch, saving 90 calories
  • substituted my afternoon smoothie with 1 cup of snow peas and 10 cherries, saving 100+ calories (and really, I didn’t need it since dinner will be earlier than normal and since my workout was during lunch instead of before dinner)
  • nixed my 100 calorie evening snack

As a result, I have about 400 calories for a sensible dinner out (I’m planning on a salad with lean protein–in fact, one of the restaurants we may go to has a salad with crabmeat that sounds delicious and appears very low cal) and 200-250 calories for ice cream!

It’s funny what some planning ahead can do for a gal!

I’m not gonna lie–it’s not SUPER easy. I just ate my afternoon snack because I was hungry, and I’m not sure how easily I’ll be able to hold off for dinner BUT being able to dine out without worry and without compromising my diet and being able to enjoy a little ice cream indulgence is worth it.

3 responses to “Scrimping & Saving

  1. wow….what a way to save calories. I was really not on plan today..or the last few days…vacation always gets me. And today I got a Blizzard at DQ…argh

  2. You are so good at planning and making healthy swaps. I learn so much from you!

    I hope you guys have a fun night out. Salad w/ crabmeat sounds delicious and healthy. I always feel so much better when I don’t go overboard out.

  3. oooh! And I ended up being under 1200 calories. Bonus!

    Thanks for the kudos ladies!

    BTW, Blizzards (specifically the banana cream pie, sometimes with some chocolate chips in it) is my fave summer treat. Evan and I have created a schedule that will allow us to splurge on these twice a month during the summer months (June, July, August) and once a month in May and September. None during the rest of the year.

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