4.8! 4.8! 4.8! 4.8! 4.8! 4.8! 4.8!

I have NEVER in my life, lost that much in one week. And this isn’t that typical first week diet plunge, nor am I on the Biggest Loser ranch. I’ve been doing this for 3.5 years–with this latest “diet” plan going on for 3 months.

So what do I attribute it to?

  • I was more rigid about tracking calories this week and consistently stayed under 1300. Additionally, I had a day where I was just under 1200.
  • I’m also back to blogging my food intake on my food blog. Yes, I already log my food on The Daily Plate, so this is a bit redundant, but it IS helpful to let me look at what I’m eating on a weekly basis. I can’t easily view a week’s worth of menus on The Daily Plate to determine what I’m getting for veggie and dairy servings.
  • I cut back on bites and nibbles (including the evening handful of chocolate chips or dry cereal).
  • More outdoor bike rides instead of spin class: I think the effort of working out in the sun, heat and fresh air might make a difference, even if my heart rate didn’t get to spin levels of insanity.
  • I was mostly vegetarian.

In the past, I’ve noticed significant weight drops when I stick to a mostly vegetarian diet. I think I’m going flexitarian. No meat until dinnertime at the earliest, but preferably stick to just meat for weekend dinners. I’ve been VERY satisfied and more easily able to get adequate protein with beans and dairy. Come to think of it, maybe it IS the dairy/calcium that’s spurring the weight loss on my mostly vegetarian weeks.

I hope it’s not because I got pretty dehydrated Sunday. Although I’m definitely rehydrated (as evidenced by my water intake, pee breaks every two hours during the work day and once in the middle of the night), I suspect that could have had an impact in revving my metabolism back up or doing something.

Regardless, it’s a big fat scale WIN!

Now… the weekend plan:


  • bike ride (can’t decide whether to do it at the gym or outside)
  • pack and drive home to visit family for Father’s Day
  • Calories: 1200-1500


  • outdoor run/walk
  • maybe also a relaxed swim
  • Calories: not tracking/day off
  • The day will include Dairy Queen


  • travel day (back to NJ)
  • no exercise/rest day
  • Calories: 1200-1500
  • meal and exercise planning when I return home

10 responses to “Shazaaam!

  1. Helloooooo awesomely huge loss! Your hard work is paying off!

  2. You are totally dominating the scale – congrats! I like the whole Flexitarian idea. I’ve been toying with going vegetarian for the summer (i did no meat for a year once,) but I’m still a little undecided.

  3. congrats tina!!! thats amazing and i am so happy for you.

  4. Woot! That’s quite a loss. It’s interesting to think about being a flexitarian. It would be interesting to see what happens with your weight loss if you do continue it.

    I hope you had a great weekend, it sounds like you had some amazing and fun activities planned.

  5. Holy shit! That’s awesome Tina!!

    My daughter is a flexitarian too – but guess what? She’s in Germany and she’s eaten veal, pork and yesterday she ate steak! I was like “what have you done with my Hannah??!!”

  6. OMG! Congrats on the huge weight loss!! You are doing awesome!

    Flexitarian is an awesome idea! Beans, todu and greek yogurt are the best. Have you tried tempeh? It’s my current favorite meat alternative.

  7. woops, tofu!

  8. @Biz: When in Germany, do as the Germans do! She can’t pass that up! But the Flexitarian thing? I think Hannah’s onto something!

    @ashleigh: I have to learn more about tempeh. I actually try to limit soy products to one serving a week or less due to the research that has show it can inhibit thyroid function and impact estrogen hormones.

  9. Well dang look at your huge weight loss!! Way to go! Hard work pays off. 😉

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