Whooo-boy! Last week’s loss was nearly wiped out by hormones from hell, too much sodium, some increased stress and a heat wave that has actually made me feel sick to my stomach on many days this week. I also was (foolishly) back to eating meat (albeit small servings) at lunches and dinners this week. Remember what I said last week about believing going meat-free was part of the reason for my 4.8lb loss?

While yesterday, I was about 50 calories over my allotment, I was on track every single other day this week, except for my free days (Friday and today). Free day or not, I’m still staying well under 2000 calories. Friday was 1600. Today will likely be around 1600, but could be as low as 1350 if I avoid splitting chips with Evan at Chipotle tonight. (Yup… that’s where we’re going for dinner before the concert.)

I have faith that I’ll be down 4lbs by the next WI, as long as I drink more water (I’ve slacked in the water department this weekend), continue to stick to the food plan and decrease the meat intake. That said, I still don’t have a firm food plan for the week, but I do have a freezer full of homemade meals I could defrost and a very lovely looking fresh eggplant in the fridge. I do have a workout plan for the week:

  • Monday: rest day or 750 yard swim
  • Tuesday: 500 yard speed swim, 45 minute run
  • Wednesday: 45 min spin class, 20-30 minute run
  • Thursday: 1000 yard swim, 45 minute spin class
  • Friday: 45 minute run

Also, hopefully, tomorrow, I’ll have time to post Friday’s dinner (with pictures!). It was amazing: a modification of the spinach salad with spicy pineapple dressing in this month’s issue of Cooking Light and an Asian-wing inspired pizza that I made up myself.

Weight gain aside, here are some non-scale victories for the week:

  • All of my summer work pants are at least a size too big
  • I have dresses I bought instead since they’ll fit longer as a shrink. Size large!
  • I worked out every day this week–sometimes twice a day–and worked my way back up to 30 minute runs.
  • I was also able to build up my runs to 20 minutes after spin class.
  • Achilles felt much, much better towards the end of the week.

2 responses to “+3.4

  1. Love hearing all of your positive victories! HAng in there!! Love to Evan! Enjoy the moment:-)

  2. Yay for too-big clothes! Dresses and skirts are a great “cheat” while losing sizes because they don’t sag or bag as much as pants do.

    Hope you have fun at the concert, your dinner, and with whatever else you do this week.

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