Just a few more hours

It’s Friday night, and I just packed my bag of tri-gear.

In about 16 hours, I’ll pick up my race packet.

In 26 hours, I’ll be going to bed for my last sleep before the race.

In 33 hours, I’ll be waking up and getting ready to leave for the Philadelphia Women’s Sprint Triathlon. And in 36 hours, I’ll be at the starting line, waiting to jump into the Schuylkill River for a 750 yard swim, followed by a 17 mile bike ride and a 3.1 mile run. I hope to be done the race and relieved to have finished my first tri in 39 hours.

Tomorrow, I’ll attend several info sessions related to the tri and pick-up my race packet before heading off to Evan’s for a relaxing night of stretching, hydrating and maybe reading to keep my mind off the race. We’ll get on the road by 5:45am Sunday so we have a couple hours to get there, set up my transition site, warm-up, stretch, pee and mentally prepare for the race, which starts about 8am.

I have:

  • a towel to wipe my feet off
  • a towel to lay out all my stuff
  • sunscreen (one for my face and one for my body)
  • bathing suit
  • sports bra
  • tank top (I wasn’t going to use this, but thought it would be easier to pin my number on the tank prior to the race so I don’t have to waste valuable transition time attempting to pin my number directly on my shirt with shaky, race-nerves hands)
  • safety pins
  • capris (I know–dumb move that will slow me in transition 1–but these are the most comfortable workout bottoms I own. And I will NOT be running and biking with my Casper-colored flabby thighs flashing.)
  • sneakers
  • my helmet
  • bike gloves (may not use)
  • baby powder (before the race, I’ll sprinkle it in my bike gloves and socks to absorb extra moisture and help them slide on post-swim)
  • 2 packets of sports beans for mid-race fuel
  • a Larabar and ThinkThin bar (possible post-race fuel–won’t eat two but couldn’t decide which flavor sounded better, I actually doubt I’ll need or want this, especially since there should be food after the race, but I’d rather be over-prepared than under-prepared.)
  • 3 water bottles (1 to stay at transition to drink and/or rinse my feet after the swim, 1 at my bike, 1 for after the race)
  • Powerade and Naked Reduced Calorie Tropical juice (made with coconut water which is high in potassium and has more electrolytes than many sports drinks)
  • sunglasses
  • goggles
  • goggle defogger
  • swim cap
  • my bike
  • Motrim (I’m going to take it an hour before the race to ensure that any achilles inflammation stays in check)
  • an extra shirt to wear for the ride home, if needed.

I still have to:

  • set up the trunk rack for my bike
  • get a helium balloon to mark where my bike is at transition so it’s easier to find
  • find a song or two that I can sing along to myself if the race gets tough

I may be silly not to pack a bike repair kit, spare tube, etc. I just figure it’s probably not worth it. My time is slow enough and the race is short enough so that if I had to stop for repairs, I’d time out of the race.

Tonight’s plan is to relax, stretch, continue to hydrate–especially after week after week of 90+ degree temperatures. I’m also going to read the athlete guide and envision a successful race. And then? Some reading/relaxing (NOT thinking about race time) before I go to bed. I may do a really short bike ride tomorrow to loosen up a bit and get another few miles under my belt on this new bike, but nothing intense (and nothing after noon).

I’ll be back Sunday night or Monday with a race recap. The only person I know who will be there cheering me on will be Evan–hopefully, he’ll get good photos I can post too.

I’m ready! Anyone want to come and cheer me on? I’ll be the chubby ginger keeping pace with the back of the pack! 🙂


8 responses to “Just a few more hours

  1. you are amazing tina. I wish you all the best, and i dont think you will be at the back of the pack 🙂 ill try to make it sunday if i can.

    i also have to say, i dont think theres enough money in jersey and pennsylvania to get me to swim in schuylkill punch. 😛

  2. No kidding! I just checked the Schuylkill Rivercast. Not only is the water disgustingly warm (82 degrees) but it’s code red: not safe for swimming, recreational activities, including boating. It’s probably exacerbated by super high temps and now the thunderstorm which will essentially lead to contaminants from the road draining into the river. Guess I better get ready for an extra 2 miles of running!

  3. You are going to rock the triathlon, girl! I wish for you: strength, endurance, peace, and glory.

    The river sounds kinda gross!

    Enjoy the triathlon experience – you’ve worked hard for this. 🙂

  4. I can’t wait to hear all about it! Good luck tomorrow, you’ll do great 🙂

  5. You’re definitely prepared! I hope all goes well. I’m following you on Twitter, which is so fun.

  6. Never buy goggle defogger again! Half the time it doesn’t work… and it’s a waste of money… licking your goggles works sooo much better…

  7. You rock Tina!! Great job on the triathalon!! And no fat talk-your thighs are not flabby-they are powerful and got you through this crazy workout most people could not do!!!

    Great job-hope to see you soon!!

  8. Cannot wait for the recap Tina!! I am sure you did awesome!!

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