Health-related food news

Your favorite olive oil may not be “extra virgin” after all–I knew my Bertolli was sleeping around the Italian coastline! I thought I caught it flirting with my whole wheat spaghetti last might.

A new study shows that there may be a scientific reason that we gain more with processed foods that we do with an equal number of calories of natural, whole foods.

There’s a new book out about fish farming versus wild caught fish. Am I the only one who thinks it’s clear we’ve already screwed up the farming industry–let’s try to stick with fishing as fishing was meant to be done? I don’t need to know that we’ve learned how to feed corn to yet another species that wasn’t meant to consume it.

And, finally, according to the Wall Street Journal, the cupcake bubble has burst. Does this mean the unemployment line is really just filled with tiny cake bakers? So sad!


3 responses to “Health-related food news

  1. The cupcake bubble has burst? (sigh) I guess nothing good can last.

    Just found your blog, much like!

  2. Interesting articles!

    Corn is ingested in the bodies of so many species that were not meant to digest corn. Gross! Have you seen “King Corn” yet?

  3. King Corn is on my Netflix queue! I own Food, Inc. though and have watched it at least 3 times.

    @Mindac: Thanks for stopping by! Considering my sister and I started an annual cupcake rivalry last year, I’m a little sad at the news, but we’ve never been one to follow trends so closely that we’d foresake cupcakes just because they’re no longer popular!

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