Thank goodness for leftovers!

I think I just had quite the whirlwind weekend and feel like I’m still trying to catch up (on sleep, laundry, work, etc.) even though it’s only Monday.

My college friend Kim visited and we went to the Lilith Fair. We haven’t seen each other in SEVEN years, so it was amazing to catch up. You know how you’re able to just reconnect as if no time has passed? That’s Kim.

While some of the meals on the run weren’t the most healthy (for example, an ice cream cone dinner at the concert because the concession stand line was too long) others were (like the chicken burger at a local brewery and burrito bowl at Chipotle). End result: no weight gain this weekend.

Oh… and ice cream also made another appearance Saturday after lunch. Local ice creamery, The Bent Spoon had a new flavor: ginger ice cream with crushed organic Newman ginger cookies. It was divine!

Last night I put together my food and fitness plan for the week. There is nothing creative or special about it–it’s totally functional and fast. Work is still nutty and will be for at least 4-5 more weeks. The real challenge starts August 9th, however, when I start eating meals (lunches and dinners at least) with staff and having structured work commitments throughout the day and evening, making dinner prep not very likely. I’ll either be eating carefully on campus or making an uber-healthy assortment of salads to eat throughout the week.

I am reminding myself that my goal was NOT to maintain during this busy season, but to continue to lose (but without losing my mind). It may mean not tracking (but keeping tried and true make-ahead favorites whose calorie counts I readily know by heart) and less time at the gym, but I’m committed to:

  • at least 3 gym dates a week
  • lotsa water
  • sticking within calorie limits
  • balancing my meals with tons of fresh veggies
  • lotsa sleep (minimally 7 hours, preferably 8) 

Last year, I got into a not-so-healthy habit of taking a half dose of Advil PM on weeknights to ensure I was able to sleep. If my task list feels out of control, I can’t sleep due to the anxiety. Although a half dose of sleep meds 5 days a week isn’t horrible, it wasn’t g0od. My sleep quality sucked and the meds made me sluggish in the morning.

This year, I have a much better coordinated task list. I update my task list daily, highlight what I’ve finished in orange, highlight pending projects (like waiting for information from someone else) in green and assign a time limit to projects/tasks and pencil them in my datebook. This better organizes my time, helps me stay focused and prevents that feeling that my task list is eating me alive. As a result, I’ve only had one night of poor sleep (on a night that I did NOT do this!). Best part: it takes 15 minutes daily, and I usually do it while I’m waiting for a meeting to start, which makes use of unproductive time.

This week’s plan:

  • Breakfasts: the usual Egg McFiberOneEnglishMuffin or oatmeal
  • Morning Snacks: cottage cheese with cucumbers and carrots
  • Afternoon Snacks: Greek yogurt smoothies–yum!
  • Evening Snacks: Jello, pudding or fruit
  • Lunch: tomatoes with ricotta and fresh basil, peach
  • Dinner: chicken/rice noodle salad
  • Workout: 30 minute run (but I feel exhausted and out of runners shape–this may end up being a walk or the elliptical)
  • PM: laundry, work at home
  • Lunch: at Panera with colleagues
  • Dinner: cookout at colleague’s home
  • PM: work late
  • Lunch: tuna pasta salad with celery and red onion, green bean salad
  • Dinner: taco salad
  • Workout: spin class
  • PM: work at home
  • Lunch: same as yesterday
  • Dinner: baked chicken “wings,” oven roasted potatoes, garden salad
  • Workout: rest day
  • PM: hang out with E

Friday will be my last Friday off for the summer. While I will likely bring work home, I’m planning to set a limit and only do work on ONE day of my final 3-day weekend. I actually hope to plan an outdoor bike ride if the weather stays cool, catch up on my magazine pile, and plan/prep meals for the week.

One response to “Thank goodness for leftovers!

  1. Sounds like you have a great plan for the week. Tomato, ricotta and basil sounds like a delicious combo, I never thought of using ricotta with my beloved tomato + basil obsession!

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