A Bicycle Named Heaven

Last night, after nearly a solid week with no gym time, I took my bike out to a nearby tow path by the Delaware Raritan River Canal. I was thinking of a short 30 minute ride, but within 10 minutes I was hooked. Ultimately, I rode a leisurely 10 miles in under an hour, enjoying the wind in my face and the sounds of nature. It was the most relaxing physical activity I’ve ever done and, I think, a lot more peaceful and centering than the yoga class I was going to take at the gym.

I enjoyed it so much, I did it again today. I even set my alarm (7am), so I could get out there before it got too hot and be home with iced coffee in time for CBS Sunday morning to start.

As a result, this weekend I reminded myself:

  • I don’t need to step foot in a gym to get a decent workout.
  • A decent workout doesn’t need to require high impact, high intensity activity.
  • I got the same sense of peace from this bike ride as I get from a run, but I had more energy afterwards.
  • When I skip activity (gym, bike ride, walk, etc.), I feel like a poopy blob.

So… I gotta figure out how to slip in at least two workouts during the week. I can’t save all of my activity for the weekend or I miss out on some of the benefits.

This week, student staff training starts, which means my meals are not necessarily within my control (nor do I have the time to prepare meals).

I’ve decided to pack extra snacks that could serve as additional mini meals (Greek yogurt and fruit, raw veggies and low-fat string cheese) and take advantage of some of the meals I have in my freezer.

Additionally, I have penciled in some workout dates: walking on Tuesday, spin class Wednesday or Thursday and another outdoor bike ride Friday.

If you couldn’t figure it out, these outdoor bike rides = Absolute Bliss.


5 responses to “A Bicycle Named Heaven

  1. Okay, I have to go dust off my bike. I haven’t ridden in over a year, and I LOVE riding. Why do we do this? Is it too much fun? Do I think I have to ride a 100 miler for it to can’t? How ridiculous! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. @Zoe D. I think I realized how relaxing it was when I noticed I hadn’t even bothered to start up my iPod! Nothing like a good nature trail. It’s actually inspired me to start looking up where there might be long rides (e.g. 100 milers!). I’m not looking for a race–just a distance challenge with gorgeous scenery (and not too many hills!).

  3. I LOVE biking outdoors! I only get to do it at the shore when I’m on vacation and I absolutely adore it! Wish there were bike trails where I live… 😦

  4. I love riding my bike too, although I’m ashamed to admit that I haven’t ridden it once since I got Lulu. I need to work on that, big time, and this post definitely inspired me.

    I hope you do find some weekday workout time – I think it will help you feel less stressed, at least that’s the effect it always has on me.

  5. @Bella: Lulu would probably love riding in a basket on your handlebars–Toto-style!All you need is a blue gingham dress and red ruby slippers! 🙂

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