Snorting lines of Munchkins

It’s been a rough week. Partially, because I expected it to be an easy week. I had my life planned out, but unanticipated work projects and a stubborn impulse for perfectionism really ruined that.

It’s training season. I’ve been putting in loooooong hours (as in 12-14 daily) working on presentations, finalizing sessions, confirming presenters and picking up some extra jobs that need doing. All of my meals are with student staff.

Did you know that our campus dining services happens to make the best damn cake-like brownies in the world? Seriously! And I don’t even LIKE cake-like brownies. But by Tuesday afternoon, I had finished off two of them, despite having a perfectly satisfying lunch of pasta salad, mixed green salad and half a roast beef sandwich.

And then I pretty much stopped drinking water because I didn’t have time to run to the campus center to refill my water bottle (I’m a stickler for ICE water–not room temp).

THEN we had a meeting in which I practically snorted lines of powdered sugar Munchkins only to feel jittery and have a powder residue around my nostrils that would have easily been called out by Perez Hilton.

Today? Better. I’ve stepped away from the brownies. Had 2 liters of water, avoided sweets except for a (ONE) cookie, had a handful of carrots and light string cheese for snack and went on a 30-40 minute outdoor bike ride.I still need to figure out dinner. Right now, I could go for some Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. Or a tuna sandwich.

The problem with managing my eating and kicking the sweet craving to the curb is obvious: too much work. Too much stress. Oddly, I don’t feel stressed because I’m not mentally freaking out about what I don’t have control over. I’m eerily calm. It’s the stress of spending too many hours at work and not enough riding my bike, going to spin class, eating vegetables, sleeping…

I’m making a concerted effort to evaluate what must be done, what can be dropped and what can be saved for later. And I’m delegating. I had a turning point yesterday when my colleagues assisted with a project (unasked) and saved me at least an hour or two of work. (I seriously have the best colleagues ever.) And I brought work home that could be done in my pjs, on my sofa with a cup of tea. Yes, it was still an extended workday, but it was done on my terms. Also helping: taking a few minutes to re-prioritize my task list, assign time limits to projects and pencil them into the free spaces in my datebook is helping me have a better handle on what needs to be done while freeing my mind at night when I’m home and no longer want or need to think about work.

This weekend, I have quite a bit of stuff to do, but also a number of plans (helping Evan pack, visit his dad who’s moving to California soon, sleep, catch up on Top Chef). I’ll do what I need to do and start planning next week so I can take advantage of as much down time as possible this weekend.

Oh yeah… and weigh in? I’ve gained 2.6lbs.


7 responses to “Snorting lines of Munchkins

  1. Work stress is so hard, but you’re doing pretty well with it. As a perfectionist myself, I know the feeling of beating yourself up, but really, having a couple of brownies or being up on the scale isn’t the end of the world. You’re already getting back on track. Hang in there, and I hope that this coming week is easier.

  2. BTW – I heard an ad on my local radio station that said Mumford & Sons is playing at The Warfield in San Fran on Oct. 20. I totally thought of you. I’d love to go because The Warfield is such a great venue, but it’s a “school night,” and I won’t be able to. But I wouldn’t have even known who they were if it weren’t for your post a few days ago.

  3. The title of your post made me snort a little. Out loud.
    Hang in there, chica! You’re still on the right track, and don’t beat yourself up over a couple brownies or munchkins. You’re still making healthy choices. 🙂

  4. Wow, I so hear you on the work stress/overload thing. I was so up-to-here last week I hit a wall of intertia. Sat at the desk staring at the piles and decided a packet of instant oatmeal was in order, imediately. Onward, right? Always onward with this journey.

  5. Hang in there Tina! Hopefully work will calm down for you in the near future. Hope you got to catch up on Top Chef! 😀

  6. Our campus dining does wonderful chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips. WTF? School food is supposed to suck. These young people today are so spoiled.

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