Quickie craft project


This weekend I spent 20 minutes creating an inexpensive solution to brighten up the walls of my office. Spending so much time in there lately makes me realize how stark and unattractive the space is.

The prints are from a 2009 Mary Englebreit calendar. Some are sassy (“must change attitude”) while others are motivational (“life can only be understood backwards but must be lived forwards”). Because the calendar pages were 11×13 and most standard frame sizes are 11×14, I purchased a few pieces of scrapbook paper in coordinating colors.

Total cost of project: <$20 for 4 framed photos
$7.99 for each 2-pack of frames (I got 2)
$3 for 5 pieces of scrapbook paper


2 responses to “Quickie craft project

  1. It’s so cute! I did something similar in my living room – I took a bunch of prints from a wall calendar that I loved and framed them. It was the most inexpensive way to have beautiful framed art that I’ve found. I may do something similar at work, now that you’ve inspired me.

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