Welcome Fall!

I tell ya, although I think the past 6 weeks has been mostly wonderful, it’s also been pretty damn challenging. It included:

  • Clean House. I spent what little time I had at home cleaning house and getting rid of some hardly-used things (like an extra bed, a cute little saucer chair and DVDs I knew I’d never watch again) to make space for Evan moving in. This is the first time I’ve lived with a manfriend, and it’s fun, exciting, scary and annoying all at the same time. We’ve been negotiating some Really Big Deals, like where his massive (and not at all fashionable) leather recliner goes and whether I’m allowed to freak out when I search high and low for the toothpaste, only to find it shoved in a drawer only he uses. Note to others: don’t wait until you’re in your 30s to live with someone. Learn to share sooner. On the plus side: in my home, there is now surround sound, Wii and a DVD collection that could put Blockbuster out of business (oh, wait… that’s already happening).
  • 4-5lbs. That’s what I think I’ve gained since the triathlon in mid-July. This Friday morning’s WI will tell for sure. I pretty much ate dining hall meals 3 meals a day for the past month. I could have stayed mostly on track if it weren’t for the desserts. When I’m stressed, there’s nothing like a good brownie.
  • Coffee addiction. Since the winter, I’ve been mostly off caffeine. Yeah, I have a diet Coke maybe once a week and a Starbucks latte or iced coffee once a week, but I no longer had a daily caffeine habit. Well, enter August and I start using my Starbucks card more frequently than my gym membership. I even budgeted a daily Starbucks fix and essentially had an iced venti unsweetened extra ice iced coffee daily. My local baristas had my drink memorized. That’s 24oz of coffee each morning or an estimated 500+mg of caffeine. As a result, now when I go more than an hour without caffeine in the morning, I get a dull, but intense headache. Good morning, Caffeine Addiction! Give me a big, sloppy kiss!
  • Work opportunities. I’m very excited about the upcoming year. I have some great projects coming up–one includes starting an Operation Beautiful Squad! –but I also have a little more direction and focus in terms of what I want to get out of my career this year and where I’m headed from here. I can’t give away too many secrets yet, but let’s just say that this academic year has gotten off to a great start for a variety of reasons, and I have high hopes and expectations for the remainder of 2010.

That said, it’s time to refocus. After more than a month of a wacky work schedule, my fitness regimen and healthy food habits have fallen by the wayside. But, September is at our doorstep–hell, it seems to have invited itself into my house–and it’s the beginning of the new academic year, which (as a higher education professional) always seems like a proper time to start or renew my annual resolutions.

Resolution #1: Start reading again. I started reading “The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake” by Ann Bender in July and haven’t picked it up since, despite how much I loved reading it. I’m going to start introducing 30 minutes to an hour of reading in my daily life.

Resolution #2: Planning! This week I’ve drafted a rough plan to get me through my first week of normalcy, but I know it’s not going to go perfectly. Evan just moved in this weekend, so we’re still living partially out of boxes and attempting to re-arrange, unpack and make my place our place. That said, I’ve already flagged some recipes in Cooking Light that I want to make next week. I’m working my way back to 1200-1300 calories daily. Less animal protein. Better quality, complex carbs. Less sodium and sugar. More fresh fruits and veggies. Fortunately, this comes quite naturally. I made my meal plan for the week and then entered it in The Daily Plate. I hit my nutritional goals perfectly (1200-1300 calories, 50% of calories from carbs, 25% of calories from protein, 25% calories from fat, 20+g of fiber and under 2000mg of sodium.).

Resolution #3: Running. I signed up for this Thanksgiving Road Race, yet I haven’t gone running since the week after the triathlon–that’s nearly 2 months ago! The race isn’t a 5k–it’s 4.748 miles. I dropped a table on my toe, so walking up stairs and running isn’t really in the cards for me this week, but I’m ready to start back up next week. I have 12 weeks to build endurance and speed, not just so I finish the race, but so I can finish it before my grandmother rolls out the pumpkin pie.


3 responses to “Welcome Fall!

  1. I’ve walked the Manchester Road Race for several years now – my stepdad always runs it. Meant to run it in ’07, but a surprise pregnancy slowed me down to a walk, and I’ve stuck with speedwalking ever since.

    At any rate, it’s such a fun event. Maybe we could run/walk it together and catch up in the process!

  2. I’m in a pretty similar situation. A lot of the habits I worked so hard to create kind of fell to crap over the summer. I put on a few pounds- about 4-5 as well and I’m not worried about that at all, but I would like to be in weightloss mode again, and def don’t want to get any higher!
    Great goal for the race! I am training for a race right now and it’s what’s keeping me motivated to keep up w/ my workouts.

  3. @Kate: I am all for a run/walk catch-up! I had no idea you did that race.

    @Ashleigh: Let’s pinky swear to get back on track! I find that training for something helps give me a goal that keeps me in a good place food and fitness-wise. Having the training schedule keeps my workouts in order and having regular workouts keeps my eating stay within my nutritional goals (and my food cravings in check).

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